Looks like it worked out for baby dolls

Looks like it worked out for baby dolls

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The National Bank of Hungary (MNB) reports on the dynamism of household borrowing. One third made it out of baby dolls.

Retail borrowing is extremely highBaby Dollar Credit was a tricky one - the article in Azénpénzem.hu reported on July 24, suggesting that a retail borrower's July data showed that one third of it was issued by a state baby doll. This loan also influenced the value of government securities sales. According to data, in July 2019 households borrowed about HUF 143 billion of new loans, which is a very high value. In July last year, it was only HUF 55 billion. The survey also found that banks made baby-dollar foreign exchange deals worth $ 54 billion in July. A significant proportion of those who take advantage of the opportunity to get a baby after the birth of a baby, even though "superbamp paper" brings in a 5-year rate of 4.9 percent, is a profit of $ 2.5 million. Baby loan can help the state pack its own financing into the household.
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  • This is the net income needed for a $ 10 million baby loan
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