From the soup to the baby bib

From the soup to the baby bib

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Which came first: soup or baby green? As a point of view, though, the family is surely opting for the hot soup during the year's busiest month of the year. What is certain is that the little ones will have access to more than anything.

Dairy-free soups

Oven broth

I added five to my head:
50 deca salmon fillet (or as many chicken breast fillets instead), one tablespoon of oil, a 425 milliliter canned tomato, a large head onion, a small sprout, 20 deciduous brussels sprouts, two-flowered sturgeon, - five yellow rapeseed, one kingfisher, a little celery, four-eyed allspice, bay leaf, four-eyed rye pepper,
Required equipment:
Fire, at least one liter, with lid on the yuan, which also goes inside
Wash the cumin thoroughly and discard any possibly drier, brownish outer parts. Cut it in half first, then into thin hips. Clean the onion and then chop it. Place the hot dish on the stove in a small fire. Pour in the oil and sift the chopped onion and meringue over it, and stir until almost completely soft.
At this point, insert the ridge of the cut into the pieces of the thumb and then, throughout the cooking process, add all the listed, washed and chopped greens. Put the bay leaf, the peppercorns in the pan, fry for a while, then toss the tomato. It's good when it's over a quarter or so full. Then pour enough water on it to just cover the greenery. Put the lid on it, push it to the oven preheated to 200 degrees, and bake it over the oven.
Wonderful nasty, sweet, lactated soup will be the result! On the end, if necessary, it can be diluted with water. Especially recommended for small children because of the high iron content of lung, although its taste is not much different from chicken meat. When fishing for baby beans, we discard peppercorns and beans. Shake the baby for ages 8 months, so we can add more portions to the baby.
In addition to the above, we can include peas, potatoes, asparagus, fresh, spelled beans, spinach leaves, or any kind of vegetable. The point is that this soup does not have the flavor of the juice but the flavor of the deep-cooked vegetables.

Milk and gluten-free soups

Couscous chicken soup

I approached this person:
Two couscous, a smaller chicken breast fillet, a cup of rice, two tablespoons of oil, a tablespoon of sweet curry, a dash of coriander, a dill, a pinch of garlic, pуrйhagyma
Required equipment:
Sawmill, sawmill and sharp, sharp knife for processing couscous
Let's buy a cupcake in which you can hear the juice. If you want the shells to be useful as you can see in the photo, we cook them on the sharpest end, pour the couscous into a glass, and then cut them into three-quarters of the shell, so that the seeds are fine. Scrape and sculpt the fresh, moist couscous thoroughly.
Grind the chicken meat in a little oil. Throw the cucumbers, the cooked garlic over it, then strain with the spices and juice. Fry for three to four minutes while stirring quickly. Add the white and sliced ​​white and sliced ​​celery rolls and the rice, then whisk with water. Cook over medium heat for twenty minutes, then boil the cooked water if necessary.
Stir the cornstarch in a little saucepan with water, then pour into the soup and shake it for a bit. When removed from the heat, stir in the chopped onions into thin circles and, once cooled down, bring the couscous milk to a boil.
You can have small children when they can talk well.

Sбrgaborsуkrйm soup

50 Decs of Pepper, a Fingertip of Fresh Gum, a Peppermint Teaspoon of Red Pepper, Rotten Juice, a Big Red Onion, Three Medium Potatoes
For soup:
One egg, 5 deca grated hard cheese, 1.5 deci milk, one tablespoon graham flour, sauteed, a few drops of oil for cooking, one teaspoon of pasta
Soak the washed pepper several times last night. Let's start the next day by heating the oil in a larger foot and then drizzle the onion cut into small pieces. Sift with red pepper, mix quickly, and then come the red pepper, which has been rinsed one last time. Wash, stir, chop the potatoes and sift them in the toast.
Drop the piece of water into it, sprinkle it generously with water, and cook until the pepper is completely tender, which requires half the amount of urine. Stir in the broth with a smooth, fluffy mass, and squeeze it into a big cat oil-filled omelette with cheese. If the bottom is flushed, turn it over. Lay it on a thinly rounded board, slicing it into thin lines.
Let the fish out of the soup, then blend the yellow pepper with a blender. If it was too dense, let's chill it with water or put it on the agenda above how great it is. In any case, it is filled with omelets.
You can give the kids a dozen months of age. The soup only comes after one year.

There's nothing better with a delicious hot soup. And the babies should love it too!

Organic green soup

I contributed to this person:
Mixed leveszцldsйg sбrgarйpбbуl, zellerbхl йs fehйrrйpбbуl, a bunch of parsley, 30 grams of pulykamellfilй, megsьtцtt 20 deca kelbimbу 20 ounces cauliflower, kйt evхkanбl йtolaj a smaller йdeskцmйnygumу, a kйt piece potato jуdozott sу, kйt slice elхre sьtхtцk, a small vцrцshagyma , three cloves of garlic, two tips of dried nutmeg, two to three thin slices of gum, shrimps
Roast the roasted turkey meat into small pieces and add the cleaned, chopped greens in a row with the oven roast. Take care carefully. Cook until soft, then decide whether you want cream soup or traditional. If cream soup, select each of the different colored pieces of green and prick it for each sherry. Blend the rest of the soup with the roasters and blend with a blender, if necessary, and stir a little. Fill it into glasses with a long spoon and place it on a green summer.
The little ones are especially happy if the soup can spoil something. In the traditional version, blend the roast with a teaspoonful of the soup, then pour the whole back into the toast. It gives the traditional green soup a special taste and color. Sprinkle with chopped parsley before eating. From this soup, we can also mix more than one serving of pizzas, not just for the day!
You can give me a card for the day.
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