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Children's Eyes "Lens"

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Answers for Adults!

Many years of experience show that before the start of the school year, school children will be full of baby trash. It is true that parents want to learn to send their children in a mature, healthy way, but they can take the screening tests in the summer or even before the summer. Also, the importance of screening was not always sufficiently emphasized by Dr. Domsa Patricia, a charter commissioner for the I Eye Clinic at Semmelweis University. The first screening test is now 9 months old.

Not to have to say, "It could have been earlier, but ..."

Ophthalmologic examination was a must-have before school, and now it was only recommended. However, many late vision problems, school absenteeism, and adult buttocks can be prevented if children are removed in time for a simple and non-invasive screening. It is due in the first 9 months of age, the next before kindergarten, about 2.5 years, when the toddler can speak and further tests can be done quickly. So, if the eye needs treatment, it can bring significant results up to 6-7 years of age.
The topics discussed during the chat can be summarized; I wondered that in the case of parents' inquiries, 10% of the children had an eye doctor's urgent need to see a child specialist as soon as possible.
Whoever really wants their children to do this will not make it through the three eye examinations. Dumping is one of the most common problems that can be minimized by regular screening of children, as shown in the example of the Scandinavian countries.
Blunting is only a consequence, and may be caused by a photopic defect or eye lens disease. Blunting aid means that at a young age, there was a need for developmental therapy, but it was either missed or somehow failed.
In families, astigmatism can also accumulate. If you have multiple eyeglasses in the family, it is recommended to have a second filter at several years of age, without having to wait for two and a half years. With such a small child, it is "great to discuss," the doctor said, so there can be no obstacle to the examination.

Is it okay for the baby to blink?

Probably not many people value the importance of baby blinking. Surely only the sin of evil! - the parents might think. For very bright eyes, this may indeed be true. Anyone who is eyeglassed and fears that their child may have a similar problem may be more attentive. Especially if the child has not blinked before, and typically only blinks with one eye, it may be easy to see that eye not as good. Of course, lucky things can be just bad habits, but you have to show them to the baby eye, who will make sure everything is okay, not the eye luster.

Request for cleaning

If the lens is not clean for any reason, we are talking about a gray blob. In infancy, the purity of the lens is very important, because it learns to look small. It may not sound that easy at first, but the solution to this is to replace the blurry lens with a clean plastic lens. By the way, today, the eyes have a lot of practice in this, and they make sure that the light in the eye is clear.
Healthy-eyed pupils should be of equal size and shiny blacks. If there is any difference, such as a white-gray blotch or blotch on the eye, it is imperative to show it to children.

Asking for a pitcher

After the handsome baby could "squint" in his eyes, more and more people made a request that he be completely safe at the age of three.
Real strabismus seems to be a good thing at a very young age, even a couple of weeks. If the two eyes are not parallel, the foci of the cornea are not symmetrical. Mom can watch this too, and we can show you what she's using, with the help of photos, ”says the ophthalmologist.
Until the age of one half, eye movements are not fully organized, and all babies may be tickled, but since strabismus can be caused by a serious eye condition, it is not worth a reassuring examination. If the child's eye is about to fix things on the child's eyes, and the eyes are worn, then the eyes will probably not fit much. Then, if strabismus is always present in older age, the doctor will decide on the treatment.
There is more to it than anything else, but the point is that you have to go back to early childhood. If the baby is really tempted, the method of healing depends on the cause of the strabismus. If it is caused by a lightening error, you will need glasses, which may bring the eyes parallel. The youngest ones, who can't sit still and walk safely, do not always have to wear a good-looking eyewear, but first they only get a patch. If the use of eyeglasses alone is inadequate, you may need to have surgery.
In untreated, untreated adulthood, strabismus may be diminished, but then aesthetic considerations prevail, e.g. it does not help the blunt eye, it will not make you see better.


Recently, there is relatively much to hear about this easily remedy. What is the probability that a once closed canal will be closed again after washing? - one of the mothers asked.
It is advisable to wait at least 6 weeks, but more than 8 weeks, for transverse canal injection because, unfortunately, such a baby infant will have a chance of losing the open time.
For babies, the valve in the gutter may not open; in which case it is opened by the injection. If the duct is prone to sloughing, it may be a good idea to massage over your duct. The inner corners of the nose should be massaged down the side of the nose to allow the elbows to flow downward from the luminaire into the nose. Massage should be done several times a day. If the canal is closed again, it is worth having a massage first, and if it does not improve after two weeks, you only have to take the baby for eye examination."COLOR", SHORT QUESTIONS AND ELECTIONS

At what age can we detect my acumen?

Usually when the child is ready to talk and solve certain tasks, he or she can recognize simple numbers. 6-8 years old sure.

When does a toddler's final eye develop?

Usually before the age of two, but there are exceptions, which change up to 2.5-3 years.

Is it curious if the baby's eyeshadow is blue and what is it?

Dizziness is a common occurrence. The reason is that the outer white layer, the white sand and the blue-black layer beneath it are a little shaky. Not a bad state at all.

Smaller or bigger problems are bigger

Of course, when chatting on the site, you will always be asked about questions of a higher age, and they will be happy to ask a doctor on hand. Also, allergy irritation to the eyes has been avoided, which is often the cause of persistent itching and dryness of the eyes.
In this case, it is advisable to wash your face several times a day with cool water to eliminate allergenic pollen grains. And the hair can be lightened with prescription-free light. Of course, if the condition of the eye does not improve, then you have to go to the eye.
Prolonged use of eye drops to relieve allergic complaints has not hurt the eye. Fortunately, with the close, the symptoms go away, so do the daily drips. You can also register for the order by phone: 06/1/2100280/1618. Thursday is the day of the baby's examination of children under the age of one year and their neighbors. (Cin: 1083 Budapest, Tömm u. 25-29.)
You can also read more about the practical queries you may have raised during the chat in the New Baby Eye section of the page.