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Should I use breast breast or not?

Should I use breast breast or not?

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Seems like a pretty simple request, though anyone who has done it knows that going near is not always as easy as we first think.

Should I use breast breast or not?

One of the biggest challenges for a newborn baby is that we are almost physically inseparable from our baby 24 hours a day. If breastfeeding is nothing to worry about, everything goes like a hoop, then you may not be able to survive, as long as you have patience every time, and the problems come sensation of sensationthat we just don't want to keep up the pace because one of the breastfeeding kills the other. during a one-minute, one-minute, private shower (like this), we refresh our energy stores.

Breastfeeding and / or lactating

Breastfeeding is very much you get a controversial return more recently. On the one hand, experts, nursing and breastfeeding advisors exemplify the importance of heaven, and on the other hand, an activity that, in some respects, limits maternal freedom and autonomy,reason why it is difficultand even simply call it impracticable. About the initial pain and indifference, not to mention - many people get their feet right here. However, the first period with a baby is a burden for every mother, and for many, from home, to recharge, and one to two, feeling the wind of maternity leave hit them a little again. When complaining about this, it often happens that they are asked "why don't you milk and trust the child?" Yeah, but it's not that simple. Breasts are not water taps that when opened, the milk flushes in when you open it, and it stays in without any problems. Milk production is a delicate, demand-driven system, which is why it's not easy to just milk the amount you need at any time, anywhere.

You don't have to do anything

In general, we advise that it is used directly after breastfeeding breast, which often proves to be quite a difficult task (especially for mothers with first children). So collected "frozen" stored milk in the freezer can do a good job if anything happens. Yes, but in many cases, this amount is so low that the mother really reserves it in case of an emergency. Of course, because you know exactly how many days you have to do milking milk in every single drop of milk. If we think so, do not despair! You may want to consider trying a numerical well-calculated system on the breastfeeding agenda, and so we put in some outputs. And let us be aware that this is not bad either. The number of breastfeeding will soon decrease and we may rest a little forever!Tips if you want to milk again
- If you need to go to work and need to do that, choose a higher performance, automatic breast milk, but if you just want to milk a little extra breast milk, then you have to have a better quality breast milk. do not buy a used breast! There are tiny particles in breast milk that adhere to the tiny corners of the curds, making it impossible to sterilize them in hundreds of centuries. It's better to talk about the money and lose something new. - Always be thorough wash your hands before milking! - Walk into a quiet, peaceful room and try to relax to start milk production. If you do not have your baby besides, scratch baby pictures or put a warm compress on your breasts - these can also help reflex start up.- Let's do a specialty breastfeeding bags breast milk, and label it with the date and time so that we know when it will be milked. We always use the oldest first.- Save: szobahхmйrsйkleten (Up to 25 degrees Celsius) 6-8 hours, refrigerated max. At 4 degrees Celsius for 5 days, in low temperatures -15 degrees Celsius for 2 weeks, at -18 degrees Celsius below, we can store breast milk for 3-6 months. we never use the microcontroller, because the valuable materials contained in it are destroyed! Instead, use electric glass heaters or water baths. discard the defrosted milk, don't use it again! Freezing is also prohibited.Related articles in the breast topic: