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I got a little sleepy

I got a little sleepy

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We've been asking our moms what secret methods we can use to rock their babies for a while - all you have to do is choose the best one for you!

Are you jealous of your baby whispering, how many nights are there? These are some of the common anesthetic tricks.

Sleeping tips for up to 6 months

A special sleep song
"Instead of classical kids' songs, I was looking for some music that I liked, so I've been teasing my favorite Elvis number from birth. by the week you're almost in bed all night, but if you wake up, I'm going to comment on it for a few minutes, and his eyes will catch on. "Soft, warm bed
"After feeding in the evening, Hanna was calmed down as soon as we were put in the baby, and as soon as she was put into bed, I told her about the problem for the umpteenth time. hot water bottle we did it under the blanket and took it out just before going to bed. Thanks to the pleasantly warm sheets, we have no more problems with anesthesia. "Fewer feeding
"When Sandy was fourteen years old, the doctor advised me to select 4 o'clock breastfeeding with water because the baby is still in good health. At first, lasted a week, after that my baby eats at 11 o'clock in the evening, and he completely quit waking up at dawn. "The heartbeat body
"We are a simple tickler has finished: the universally repetitive sound was very similar to the mother's heartbeat she had heard in the tummy, and it calmed down immediately. He connected his voice to bed very soon, and as soon as he heard it, he was already blinking, and by the age of twelve, he had completely fallen asleep. "

Sleep tricks from 6 to 12 months

Mom's boyfriend
"My baby boy had hardly any skin left in the baby for nine months. It was as if he couldn't find his place. One of my friends' advice in the evening I gave her my pussythat was on me that day - and, miraculously, the sleep of the righteous had fallen asleep. We kept the good routine, and even though my scent had disappeared from the pool, the baby was still sleeping well at night. "Ingerszegny room
"Cushions on the baby's side, a bunch of plush stuff, music mobile circles and bedside lights - everything we have in the baby room that a baby just wants, Bence has begun to eat. On the contrary, do many things affect the little one? When do we remove everything unnecessary labor besides the child, the evening hysterics have ceased to be a hit. "Poor nose caressing
"Lately, I was feeling helpless while sitting on a bed with a kid, and while browsing the internet, I found an article worth reading with a downward motion caress the baby's nose, it calms the baby, and the sight of the face in front of him causes him to close his eyes. The trick saves life not only at sleep, but also at night wakes! "

Tips from 12 to 24 months

Patience brings relaxation
"Maya was getting used to getting up early, and I rushed to the nursery as soon as I heard her guggling. But one morning I woke up so exhausted that I decided to give myself some more time and more. I was most surprised to see my baby he slept without problemsand did not wake up until 8 am. "Bloody Alvubert
"I was looking for a real anesthetic that my little boy could" unconsciously "enthrall himself, so he wouldn't feel like interrupting his rest, nor did he have to spend his night trying to break it. Now he is arranging for the evening timetable: he holds the teddy bear, wraps it, kisses him, sings a song to him, and they fall asleep."

Not all babies fall asleep easily

Things to watch out for…

1. Reduce your snooze!
If you spend anywhere from 10 to 15 minutes in the little sunshine, you won't be able to sleep long at night. If you fall asleep, try not to disturb your mood so you can sleep in Sleep, and you will not mind the baby in the evening.2. Stick to the plan!
A good sleeping baby may just wake up at night. Remember, three days before the new habits are formed, it is not a good tactic if you breastfeed one night, then sing to him, and on the third day add it to your mouth - this will confuse you. Choose a method, and stick to it!3. Let it calm down!
Try to put it down a bit when it starts to blur, but it will be relatively awkward, so it will be easy on itself. If you start crying, wait a couple of minutes, because it can relieve tension even if you push a baby bottle into your hands quickly get stuck in the bad habit.
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