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Early Development: Yes or No?

Early Development: Yes or No?

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We asked for your views on early development. Is it nice or helpful?

Prу: Doman Method: We've only experienced its benefits

I use the Doman method and multilingual parenting with my children. The biggest was 7 days when we started. We did not go to our specialty, I deal with them. THE Doman-mуdszer it means five minutes three times a day, and in multilingual education we live our lives, but speak only other languages. My seven-year-old son has the following skills: Read in multiple languages, read quickly in Hungarian (30-35 pages / ura), a basic mathematical operations his knowledge and stable application, immense visual memory, elective small memory, a way of thinking that he can think of the whole system and its very important detail at the same time, he learns very quickly and lovingly, your interest is extremely wide, he speaks several languages. Very playful, studious, creative, never bored, he always has something to deal with. I am not experiencing any of the often voiced harms. I refuse to take the broad view that the child should either love or develop, or the child should either play or study freely. I also think, in our lives, both of us are fittingly next to each other.
Anita Kováts-Szхcs, mother of such a child

Contra: At this age, games are the first!

Why do I vote for "no": they are affected by a lot of stimuli. Every couple of months, we stack up on the developer games that make fun, music, hand-to-hand, which is super! Let's play peeps, sweatshirts, gymnastics. Make it so much! Shorter thrusters, hot, thrusting games. I don't think you need to book them anymore. Even though I don't like ovies where there is a lot of occupation, they do. At this age, play is the first one and you can decide whether you want to paint or write a poem. They will develop enough to study at school. Sure, great fashion to compete with the kids, I hear at play enough what kids know and what they read on the internet or in the ledger. The other, when they think they have a problem with the kid, and run to conductor for a little physical development. There are times when it is necessary, but not in the Internet forums or articles, but in person, says a specialist. Wherever there is a larger body, there is a dynamic development, without any improvement, in speech, motion.
Krisztina Vбrad Jбngli, mother of such a child