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Famous parents declare their privacy

Famous parents declare their privacy

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Published by Judit P. Gбl, Kata Rubin and Rubin Kristúf Interview, Secrets of Our Education

Judit Halszsz, Péter Geszti, Tamás Vekerdy, Lilu, János Gállvlgyi, Judit Polgár, Gergely Kiss, Andrea Szulбk, Kati Wolf. Nine nationally known and respected people, nine parents, nine unquestionably exciting personalities, and nine distinct family history. The Secrets of Our Education in the Book of Celebrities now show the faces that few have known so far: how life goes on behind the glittering backstage when it comes to being a mother, father or grandparent.
Who would think that Vekerdy ​​Tamбs, the most famous child psychologist in our country, never wanted to behave like a psychologist at home, and sometimes he hit the table when his kids quarreled? Or that Gergely Kiss, a tough athlete, can you take care of yourself when you leave your baby in kindergarten? Numerous similar privacy secrets are revealed in the book.
In the interview Péter Geszti he admits that in child-rearing it is not his but his wife who is the captain. Sultan Andrebrau we can find out that they have not accepted a bisexual to this day, since they are half-heartedly engaged in all parenting tasks. It also turns out Lilu And every night they sneak up on the bed of their sleeping baby boy and spit on their children until the end of the night. You're hitting Judit and many of whom are known only as the grandmother of the country, her sons and grandchildren are still born in Jutka.

Am I a bad parent?

Not only did the celebrities tell the authors of the book what kind of insensitive perceptions they had brought about their children's development, that is, when the little ones started to stop, walk, or talk. Also, initiate the reader to see if there was a moment in their lives when they felt bad about their parents. The interviewees answered this question without exception. Reading the book reveals that the stars are dealing with the same everyday troubles, doubts, and emotional waves of raising their children in the middle as any of us.
The main value of the book is that it shows the human face of celebrities, and gives you a glimpse of the backstage, where there are plenty of problems besides happy moments. Be it the reflux that Lilies struggled with, or a serious illness that requires transplantation as much as János Gáblvlgyi's family did. In the light of these fates, the book's authors decided to support, from income, the foundations that, for example, resulted in a successful kidnapping of Little Lilu's son or Jana Gállvlgyi's nephew. Such are the Childhood Foundation and the Transplantation Foundation for Saved Life.

Kids are more for us than for football

"It's a good book… It's a good topic. It's old, but it's old. We understand children more than soccer or politics."
Hajs Andrbs - Detail from Alsace
"When I welcomed my baby boy or baby boy when I was a baby, I clearly had no idea what I was doing on the chessboard."
Judith Polgar
"If I see in Edit that the nerve duck has gone down because the kid can't rest for fifteen minutes, then I have to take the baby out of my hands and tangle with it."
Péter Geszti
"I often think of those first days… I tell myself many times that Jesus Marriah is mine?"
Andrea Szulбk
"... we had a Mr. Bean figurine in the shop window, it was very sweet. We bought it for Adam. We brought it home. The baby's six-day-old screaming friday.
Gálvцlgyi Jбnos
"I'd rather discuss it twenty-eighth times who wins the Currency World if my child is well sandwiched with his son."
"If we had become psychologists at home, our children would have become frightened, and we would have been frightened."
Vekerdy ​​Tamбs
"The first big shock was when my girl went to kindergarten for the first time. Then I became weak and shook my head at her."
Gergely Kiss
"If she drops her shoes, I'll let you know what you throw your shoes at, and I'll do things like that in the future. She started to ask, in disbelief," Mom, did you throw your shoes, do you have any? "
Wolf Kati
"My son grew, too, I didn't pass the time without a trace, but the song remained the same."
Hobbit Judit
"I sat down to read it, I ran, and I enjoyed it so much that I couldn't stop it ... If all the children grew up in such love as the children of the interviewees, the world would be happier."
Peter moved - Program manager at RTL Klub