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Coming January, women with children do not pay PIT

Coming January, women with children do not pay PIT

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The Law on Personal Income Taxes for Women with Children has been published in the Hungarian Gazette.

Coming January, women with children do not pay PITAccording to the announcement, on July 12, the National Assembly adopted a bill proposing a change to certain tax laws, so - the Anti-Fraud Plan - From January onwards, mothers who raise or raise at least four children will be exempt from paying their personal income tax until the end of their life earning income on income from work. In addition to the 15 percent PIT exemption, the mother - and shared with the father - can also benefit from the family discount. Emmi says the benefit can cover about 40,000 mothers a year. Also in January 2020, the grandparent's child will come to life, which may be demanded by grandparents who have not yet retired if they choose to care for their grandchildren instead of working parents. Your grandparent's child can count on length of service, only one grandparent can claim it at a time, but it can be taken care of by even more grandchildren - described in the bulletin.
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