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That's the way to get a woman loan

That's the way to get a woman loan

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Legislation on the support of the Anti-Fraud Baby Plan has been published. Support is available from July 1, 2019, with the following conditions.

That's the way to get a woman loanThe law on baby doll support has been published in the Hungarian Official Gazette - it is published on 24th of July. Support must be sought from the competent local government office, according to the claimant's place of residence. No decision may be made by the Government Office regarding the creditworthiness of the credit institution or the supported persons, nor may it make any credit rating or otherwise authorize the credit. The credit institution may not consider the payment of the loan and the cost to the supported person to be an expense or cost.
  • the surgeon turned 18, but didn't turn 41,
  • both have a Hungarian residence in Hungary,
  • at least 3 years of study in one of the home countries is a full-time higher education institution studying in full-time education or is subject to the social security system of another state (the maximum length of employment is one year)
  • innocent life,
  • neither of the spouses has a public record of state tax authority,
  • both of them are Hungarian citizens or have a right of residence or a stateless person,
  • if a member of a married couple has at least one child, at least one of the spouses lives in the first marriage, with the remainder of the marriage having to be taken into account for the purposes of this condition,
  • none of which has a debt recorded in the central credit information system (KHR),
  • there is no fact or circumstance on the basis of which a childbirth of the child can be clearly considered impossible,
  • it is recommended that at least one of their children born or adopted after the conclusion of the International Agreement should be terminated until the age of majority, but at most until the termination of the International Agreement.

According to the sheet, the claim for a loan must be filed with the credit institution, where applicants declare that the eligibility conditions are met. The credit institution may not charge fees, expenses, or any other consideration to the person requesting and continuing the loan application.
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