3 kids programs for the week

3 kids programs for the week

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We'll have a longer weekend again, see where the little ones can go!

King's Fairy Tales - Golden Samaritan

Margaret Island Open-Air Stage - Interactive Fairground
Tales for high school students
There are three royal tales of children who are born of the truth about the Lord. From the King's Bread (the story of Ferenc Mуra), we find out why the King has no bread and where the money went. István Pбkolitz is the author of the tale of the Former Buddy Doggie, which is an even more exciting treatment of the well-known story. Also his work, The Truth of the King, which is the only fairy tale of a Maltese man in which the righteous king was not righteous, is strikingly opposed to Beatrix.
Music: Ferenc Honyecz
Strausz Tünde
Йrsek-Csanбdi Gyцngyi
August 18, 2012 10:30 AM

Apple concert in the Kobuci Garden

This summer, on the last family day, the Alma band will play music on August 18th, the family day at the Kobuci Garden. In addition to the children's concert, exciting craftsmanship awaits those interested.
August 18, 2012 10:00 AM

Celebration of crafts

Buda Castle Palace, Palace Stage
For the 26th time this year, the Buda Castle will host the Crafts Festival, where the little ones were thought of. Outside adventure, when you approach a venue with a glider, kids love the thrill of transport!
The full Saturday program:
11.00 Zirano Babbinhaz: Bean Eye Yang
15.00 Golden at Summerfest International Folklore Festival - Macedonia, Italy, Taiwan
17.30 Chekke Renbetta Quartett
19.30 Tune in again! - Karavбn Família
Vendйg: Catfish Veronica, Balogh Kбlmбn
21:30 Balkans Assembly
The whole Sunday program:
"This is my little house ..."
11.00 Sharmistha Mukherjee and Dance Group - Kathak Street (India)
2:30 pm We are hosting the Greedy Children's Festival
18.00 Festive Djibouti
19.30 Tune in again! - Edina "Monkey" Szirtes and Fabula Rasa
Vendég: Mariann Falusi
9:30 pm Romengo - Gypsy Neapolitan and Tiber


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