Adding Vitamin D to Baby - 14 days is just a mint

Adding Vitamin D to Baby - 14 days is just a mint

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It is widespread that vitamin D can only be given to babies 14 days after birth. Believe it: not to be free, but to give the baby vitamin D after birth. You don't have to wait for it to be ready.

Adding Vitamin D to Baby - 14 days is just a mintDr. Novбk Hunor in a frustrated blog post he recovers the umpteenth myth and the hospital doctors. the suggestion of your GP. The hospital doctor is absolutely certain that it is forbidden to give vitamin D to the baby at the age of two.

But what about vitamin D?

What is the difference between a 10-day-old and a 14-day-old baby? Why should you only give Vigantol from day 14 onwards? There is no succinct, scientific explanation. It is legitimate to ask what happens to infants who are given immediate nutritional supplements that are known to contain vitamin D. Can they, and do the breastfeeding babies have to wait for day 14? It doesn't seem like a lot of life. Hunor Novák went after the mysterious 14 days and came to the conclusion that the myth may be due to the fact that old Hungarian language formulates vitamin D to the physicians, but he tried to make it as a with Vigantol, the mother releases the recipe. The authorities thought it would be 14 days straight. So since then, they have applied the 14 day rule, thinking that it is forbidden to give the baby vitamin D before doing so. It is not forbidden, but free and even necessary. Related articles about Vitamin D:
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