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Women are no better at multitasking

Women are no better at multitasking

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There is an old idea: there is no difference in multitasking, that is, they are able to pay attention to several tasks at the same time.

For decades, the notion that women were much more effective in focusing on more than one job at a time was holding back. According to a 2015 survey, for example, about 80 percent of voters said that men were much weaker in this area. However, according to a new study, there is no significant difference between the two,I do not determine if one can look at the other person whether it is male or female.Women can't pay attention to more than one thing at a timeMultitasking is described by professionals as when we focus on more than one task at a time. It takes our minds better because "there is an overlap between the cognitive processes that are responsible for the execution of each task". Many people think that multitasking is more effective than just concentrating on one task, but that is not true, because the brain really has to "jump" from one task to the other, and it also has an effect on attention and concentration.Patricia Hirsch, a researcher at the University of Aachen Psychological Institute and his team investigated whether there could be any scientific basis for this finding. A total of 96 people, 48 men and 48 women were enrolled in the study, who had to pass two tests. One task had to move quickly from one task to the other, and the other to concentrate on two tasks at once. Between tests, the response time and accuracy were measured. It turned out that if the participants try to focus on two tasks at once (one at a time, one after the other), reaction time and accuracy are also reduced, regardless of whether the subject was male or female.The results of the research were reported in the PLOS One Company professional journal. (via)You may also be interested in:
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