Diarrhea in Your BabyAlways full of panties!

Diarrhea in Your BabyAlways full of panties!

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Can Diarrhea Be Prevented? How to handle it at home? Caution, it can lead to rapid dryness before the age of two! Most often, this is the reason why little ones go to school.

Always full of panties!

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The green, usually stiffer stool, indicates that the diets passed through the digestive system at an excessively fast rate and therefore the bile dyes could not be absorbed. One of the reasons for this rapid passage is if the baby is breastfeeding in too many lactose-rich first milk and does not breast-feed it enough to get the milk that is thicker. Lactose has a certain amount of laxative effect.What can you do? Usually, the problem will automatically go away if you let it continue to suck on the first breast, or if you can put it back on the first breast to thoroughly drain it.


The most common in the world, vomiting, diarrhea. It can last up to three to seven days, with high fever, and eight to twenty days of pain and weakness. Between the ages of six months and two, he is the most dangerous, and by the end of his high school years most children are passing through, but he does not gain the final protection. Most often, this is the reason why little ones go to school.What can you do? There are oral, live, attenuated, two- or three-fold vaccines, which can be given up to six months. In case of diarrhea, you should take care to avoid outbreaks. You can prevent popping of the skin with popcorn.


After rotavirus, it is the second most common diarrheal disease, affecting mainly small and elderly people. Typically, raw food or raw meat, such as a contaminated board, and any food can be contaminated by its use. It does not cause a change in food, but the patient develops watery diarrhea.
What can you do? Prevent anyone from eating raw animal food, such as eggs, in the family. Use an outdoor cutting board for greens, fruits, and especially for meat. In the refrigerator, keep the meat separated, in a sealed box, the washed egg.

Antibiotic treatment after

If a child receives a broad spectrum antibiotic, the drug will also decimate the beneficial intestinal fluoride, which may lead to severe diarrhea. There may be wounds on the buttocks, usually caused by the proliferation of fungi that can survive due to the death of beneficial bacteria, which the doctor will treat.What can you do? The pediatrician will also recommend a reward to help re-establish the flea. Exclusive breastfeeding also helps to eliminate the adverse effects of the antibiotic, so you can return to exclusive breastfeeding for a couple of days even if your child has eaten a solid diet. Don't forget about frequent diaper changes and popping!


We therefore recommend the gradual introduction of new foods, as you will notice them quickly if something is not too small. Add only one new ingredient at a time, and at most three to four days later. So, it usually turns out which one you will have diarrhea. Even with breast-fed babies, it is possible that small amounts of licking blood may be present in breast milk.What can you do? You can make a vital improvement in at least a week if you completely eliminate cow's milk and dairy products from your own diet and from your baby, of course, only if the milk was a sin.

Rare diseases

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Fortunately, it is very rare that a child does not have diarrhea for the reasons listed above. Stubborn complaints, and especially if you do not grow well, require more thorough examination. Cerebral palsy, autoimmune diseases can also be present in the back.
Bigger kids can think of spiritual reasons as well, especially if you are always in stressful diarrhea.Look out for this if you have diarrhea!
  • Diaper often
  • If you can, leave the butt free
  • Be very careful about washing your baby and yourself. Infection with diarrhea can also be caused by objects.
  • Enjoy Fluoride Priority! Suck it as often as you can, it doesn't matter if you only take a few sips. If you are not breastfeeding, do not drink it with water, but with a pharmacy-friendly, so-called rehydrated powder made from powder.
  • Look out for signs of outbreaks! Seek medical attention immediately if your 6-12 lungs are not peeing, if you have dry skin and mucous membranes, if you sleep much more than usual, barely wake up, and lose weight. In a house, I can infuse my balance with infusion. If you have diarrhea, according to valid medical rules, you can only be classified as an infectious class.
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