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Baby-friendly parents

Baby-friendly parents

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We need to stop shit! In our birth finder, you can see which hospital is baby friendly and what it means. But experience shows that there are still some misunderstandings. The sentences in the following paragraphs were really spoken, we didn't invent them!

1. Baby friendly is when employees are friendly with babies. There is no mention of baby-friendly criteria for being baby-friendly. It is rather contained in the category of humanity. A baby-friendly hospital is actually breastfeeding, that is, it minimizes the effects that would inhibit breastfeeding.
2. Which church declares itself to be baby-friendly, baby-friendly as well.
If you are bugging this term on the kennels website, you cannot be sure that it is a real baby-friendly house. Check the officially updated official list here3. There are mother-and-baby homes in Hungary.
Unfortunately they are not, although many churches suggest that they are mother and baby friendly, which largely conceals that hospital staff strive to create a comfortable environment for mothers and babies. The parent valуdi йs bababarбt kуrhбzakban the ellбtбs meets normбlis szьlйszeti ellбtбsnak developed by WHO posts by these people, the only tehбt legszьksйgesebb vйgeznek beavatkozбst case, the anyбt йs the babбt considered a egysйgnek not vбlasztjбk szйt szьksйgleteiket, egyьtt gondozzбk хket, йs йrvйnyes rбjuk the bababarбt kуrhбzak 10 ends as well. There is currently no health club in Hungary that has a baby-friendly name. You'll find it closest in Romania.
4. Breastfeeding in a baby-friendly hospital MUST be done.
You really do what you want in a baby-friendly house. If you want, you are breastfeeding, if not, no. Just tell me what you want. The purpose of a baby-friendly hospital is not to get more mothers to "breastfeed", but to help anyone who wants to, not to get pregnant, but to help as long as she is pregnant. If you do not want to breastfeed or are not breastfeeding, they will help you to properly feed your baby, teach you how to breastfeed, and teach you about the possibility of breastfeeding.5. The baby-friendly community MUST always be with the child, you cannot relax.
You can take your baby to the baby classroom at any time in the baby-friendly townhouse. As a matter of course, when a baby is left to cry, you will not water, feed, unless you expressly ask. Please tell me what effects the use of baby bottles, pacifiers, water, nutrition, and baby glasses may have on breastfeeding, if necessary. If you do not ask us to feed you as soon as your baby is ready, then return to breastfeeding as you need to.
Most misunderstanding comes from the fact that neither the majority of professionals nor prospective parents are aware of the baby's true needs. Being aware of all of this, and knowing how important and fragile breastfeeding is, would make it clear that the interests of the mother and the baby cannot be confronted with one another. And not to worry about anyone's interest is not enough to be "friendly".