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Infertility, returning: Is it enough to see TSH?

Infertility, returning: Is it enough to see TSH?

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In case of infertility or reversible miscarriage, is it sufficient to determine the TSH level? Recent clinical observations suggest that you should also watch. Prof. Csaba Balбzs, a doctor at the Buda Endocrine Center, helped me find my way.

Infertility, returning: Is it enough to see TSH?"There is no day that infertile couples do not come up with this request, because their examination has raised the possibility of thyroid disease - often the only increase in TSH levels, since they only see this - if you can get that level often. will be fine ("under 1 or 1 to 2"), then try your baby. In my experience this is not enough! This has been proven by recent clinical observations. " Prof. Csaba Balбzs, a summary of the Buda Endocrine Center doctor's attention to the importance of anti-TPO testing in addition to TSH. It is known that autoimmune disease of the thyroid gland plays a crucial role in female infertility, spontaneous and artificial insemination (IVF or ICSI). Autoantibodies against thyroid components (thyroid peroxidase and thyroglobulin) (anti-TPO and anti-Thyroglobulin) have been shown to be a risk factor for infertility and dysfunction, but this has been neglected so far. In the case of decreased thyroid function, the use of the thyroxine hormone may reduce the risk of birth defects in autoimmune thyroiditis women.

What is Anti-TPO?

Autoantibodies to TPO appear in autoimmune diseases of the thyroid gland. Measuring autoantibodies against thyroid peroxidase is a useful tool for identifying patients with autoimmune thyroid diseases. Anti-TPO antibodies increased in more than 90% of patients with active autoimmune thyroiditis. Anti-TPO antibodies are known to play an important role in thyroid dysfunction and in the reduction of functional function. Anti-TPO antibodies are present in nearly all Hashimoto's thyroiditis patients and in more than 70% of patients with Basedow-Graves' disease. Anti-TPO antibodies are present in atrophic, thyroid glandular shrinkage. Unfortunately, they only measure the level of these antibodies (by varying methods!), So the magnitude of the values ​​(titer) is not necessarily consistent with the clinical picture and it is not easy to evaluate (cf.).

So far we have only tested TSH, but it turned out that this is not enough!

This has also been proven by doctors conducting research in the Journal of Reproductive Immunology. The aim of the study was to determine the immunological background of female infertility and abortion. They were interested in showing that women with physiological thyroid function, when all the hormones were in the physiological domain, that is, TSH, FT4, and FT3 also had physi high. Our results showed that in peripheral blood of women with thyroid autoimmune disease, Th1 ("T helper-1") activity of the innate immune system is altered. Increased NK It is important to note that in autoimmune thyroid inflammation, when the thyroid hormone and TSH levels are below the expected level, Therefore, screening for healthy women of reproductive age to test for the presence of thyroid autoantibodies is not only important from the endocrinological point of view, but is also beneficial from the reproductive point of view, since it is also important. abortion.Related articles in TSH:
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