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Program tips for the long weekend

Program tips for the long weekend

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May, family day, juggling. Good programs in Pecs, Budapest, Kecskemét and Győr!

The farm boy and the public record show concert
Andrea Malek and Йva Korpabs present world-classed poems by representatives of today's Hungarian children's literature. Among others, works by István Bella, István Eörsi, Ferenc Kovács Csaba András, János Lackfi, Ágnes Nemes Nagy, Jenõ Ranschburg and Danny Varrу.
4/28/2012, Saturday 4:30 PM
Millenbris (1024 Budapest, 16-20 Kis Rуkus Street)
Boribon music
Boribon, the mackey and his friend Annipanni, revive in a live concert featuring live puppets. Three generations of, three extremely talented women (text: Veronika Marek, music: Zsufi Taller, songs: Adrienn Mуrocz), the result of their collaborative work has been very nice, parents and the child's relationship.
29/04/2018, Sunday 10:30 am
Garden Restaurant Sznhbaz (1122, Budapest, Szamos 2 / b.)
Stargazing Day: Let's Play Spacecraft!
4/28/2012, Saturday 3:00 PM
Planetarium of Kecskemét (6000, Kecskemét, 18b a Lnchnd)
Kolompos Fun - Kids Concert With Many Games (Free!)
A musical, playful show based on Nephew traditions, where children from the very first part of the show - perform, sing, sing with the ensemble. The band has a sense of fun and love for children. For children and adults alike, steal the love of our old music, songs, old customs into our hearts. And before the concert, you can spend a lot of time in the fantastic garden of the Zsolnay Quarter, where at least three players are waiting for the little ones. And then a fine elderberry syrup can be enjoyed in the cozy buffet of the Bubbybab Bazaar. And if you're lucky enough to be able to take care of your kids by night, don't miss the Zsolnay Festival Evening! An ethereal Madredeus concert can also remember the wildest racket for a while.
29/04/2018, Sunday 17:00
Pécs, Zsolnay Quarter, Zsolnay Miss Square
Kiskъti May: Family day in and around Gyor Zoo.
Arbitrage, story-telling corner, juggling school (diabolics, dance), belly show, fitness and hip-hop dance show. All day music shows: Alma Ensemble, Buborque Ensemble, Rufus Orchestra, Honey Kissing Meseduou (musical interactive playhouse), L.L. Junior, Béla Zsolnai and his band
2012-05-01, Tuesday, 10am
Gyantri Xantus Jánnos Blues Garden (9027 Győr, Kiskъtliget)
Forrбs:, Treasure Kids Program Magazine