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La Leche League: Mother is the mother

La Leche League: Mother is the mother

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Almost all my mothers sometimes feel that they cannot continue without help: the baby is constantly crying, milk seems to be scarce. It is a success if you know where you can rely on for help.

The most important activity of the La Leche League is the organization of breastfeeding mother groups. At the meeting, it turns out that other people are often mentally misguided, and feel that something has gone wrong. Here, however, we can see that there are many times the solution. It's not uncommon for a telephone conversation to get a mother out of trouble. The calls to La Leche Ligue are always experienced by mothers who know all their cheating and help. Many have been helped by the League's booklets, which discuss breastfeeding issues.

The Art of Breastfeeding

The most famous book in the League The Art of Breastfeeding This book, which has been published in many countries all over the world, is unfortunately not in Hungary. This is the best breastfeeding publication available, based on fifty years of experience, and based on recent research findings, and is being released for publication.
You can find a summary of the League philosopher here.
Experience is important
La Leche League was founded in 1956 by American parents. They were neither doctors nor scientists. Simple babies who realize something is wrong because the good part of mothers are having problems or are not breastfeeding at all. The founders of LLL have learned that they can best learn from one another, from those who have the experience and the knowledge they need. Only women with the right skills and experience can give good advice, so they can be group leaders who have fulfilled their breastfeeding dreams and hardships, and have been consulted in the literature. As a result, the League is now recognized for breastfeeding requests. LLL Breastfeeding Baby-Mom Groups are now in jubilee: 14 in Hungary and one in Erdel. If you can, visit one of them as soon as you can, this is the most effective preparation for breastfeeding! Group meetings are very intimate, everyone comes with their baby, if more, more. So of course there is some ground noise, but it belongs! Be absolutely healthy as you can easily stick baci and viruses on others. The groups do not have lectures, but talk about the big issues. Everybody here is curious to you, but nobody will miss it if something goes wrong. You may find yourself struggling to have a lot or little baby, breastfeeding uncomfortable, waking you up a little at night, or just not wanting to hear about grilled foods. Of course, don't take the tutti, no one will tell you, but you can get the correct information to find your way!
Telephone and Internet counseling, and 16 breastfeeding booklets on breastfeeding are available for anyone.
Help me to help you too!
The organization would need support for the publication of the book, the reprinting of the brochures, the acquisition of foreign literature, and the organization of further training. This is the only possible source of funding, as LLL members carry out all forms of advice worldwide without any appreciation. Number: OTP XI. kerüllet fiуk, 11711034-20810526