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Fifteen babies lose their lives in Hungary every year due to wickedness. Since we still do not know exactly what is causing it, we can at most conceive of prevention.

Let's put the baby on his back

Welsh fish: we don't know why, but lying down helps!

Бllнtбs: An infant lying in the stomach breathes in the air that it exits before, which has a lower oxygen level. It is recommended that you lie down on your back and on your side, so that babies can get fresh air more easily.Tйny: Large "back-to-back" campaigns in many countries have achieved measurable results, proving that it is worth considering this advice. Even if this fire is not perfect protection either. Many babies - especially if they have stomachs - don't like sleeping like that. It is true that lying down is not the sole cause, but rather the individual sensitivity is the responsibility of the larynx. Researchers assume that vulnerable babies have less developed brainstem.This area is responsible for sensing carbon dioxide. The healthy baby you will become angry or wake up if you do not have enough oxygen, but any mild brainstem disorder can be enough to keep your baby from sleeping and changing your posture.We recommend: It is certain that while sleeping with her mother, she is lying on her side after a little breastfeeding or lying on her back. As much as possible, try to sleep with your child. After a couple of months, the baby will learn to spin anyway, and it will not be possible to force him into a posture that is ruthless. If you insist on lying on your stomach, it is not worth re-inverting it again, lie down after a thorough paycheck, and a well ventilated, hard mattress (with no face to sink in), without sleep.

It can be dangerous to get too hot!

Бllнtбs: THE tъlmelegedйs Few infants can cause confusion at the focal point, which is why it is more common to have fatalities in the winter months when parents are well infused at home.Tйny: The room temperature of 20 degrees is ideal, but that's not the problem. It is much more dangerous to have too many bedding, too many clothes to wrap your child in with careful parents. However, a person who has been born for a while does not need more clothes than adults who are ready for sleep, and they sweat more quickly. A baby sleeping with his parents needs even less clothes because his mother is warming up. We recommend: Never cover the baby's head, do not give the baby a cap five days a day in the apartment! Frequently check for a small checkerboard, but only around the neck. If it's wet, sweaty, it's too hot and you need to remove a lot of clothes. Never rely on your baby's limbs - they are usually cool because the infant is still imbalancedIt is certain that the antibodies obtained during childbirth are vaccinated by the age of eight to ten weeks. It is during this period that the first wave of fatalities can be made. This coincides with the time when the cerebral cortex begins to "catch up" with breathing. There is a good sign that children are playing with their voice at this time; "subdue the air" to make a sound.

Is the child's place in the crib?

Бllнtбs: There is no more dangerous place for a baby in the public eye. The baby may be trapped between the bed mattress and headrest, roll over from the bed, stomach the head in a soft mattress, drown under the blanket, or perhaps a baby bumps. The child's place is in the crib because it is the safest place for her.Tйny: THE getting stuck, falling, drowning under cover the cause of the death is known, so these cases cannot be called sudden death. Common sense can be a source of danger, but if we follow a few basic rules, the facts prove that children sleeping in a bed with their parents are less likely to die than in terms of whale death. Mom acts as a kind of alive flare watcher, body and breathing are in perfect harmony with the little one. Mother's steady body height keeps the baby in a more alert state, stimulates and regulates her actions, prevents her from dying so much that she has less risk of "forgetting" to breathe! Even if the mother's body is frequently exposed to the sun during the day, the risk is still lower, as both mother and child are in full harmony. If premature babies are laid in the incubator on a water that is moved sixteen times per minute, that is, in the adult's average rhythm, there is rarely a statistically significant difference in respiratory failure. If the movement of the water is not exactly sixteen minutes, but sometimes more, sometimes less - so motion is more like breathing, but breathing is still less important. it is more dangerous if social conditions are badsuch as alcoholics and / or smokers or parents of drug users.We recommend: Sleep together in the family bed if you feel like it. However, observe the safety rules listed in this box. The younger brother, who is more than hot, cannot control the movement while sleeping, so he or she is either indoors or on a mattress on the ground or dad on the outside if he insists on his parents.The rules of sleep together:
  • Make sure the size is large (at least 180 x 200 centimeters) so that everyone has enough space.
  • The ceiling should be guarded or pushed all the way to the wall.
  • Make sure there is no gap between the barrier and the mattress where the baby can sink.
  • Do not sleep together if the mother is under the influence of alcohol, sedatives or drugs or may be on the verge of exhaustion.
  • Do not sleep with your child if it is very excessive.
  • Do not wear long, tight jewelry and do not have long strings on your lingerie.
  • Whether sleeping without a blanket or sleeping, the baby is ideal for a picnic, which is the most widespread in the Netherlands, where sleeping is one of the lowest in Europe.
  • If one of the parents smokes, do not sleep with the baby. Skin-scented materials can also be good for little ones.
  • Dangerous tobacco smoke!

    Бllнtбs: If the mother smokes during pregnancy and after the baby is born, it increases the risk of thirst by 30 percent. According to some surveys, 90 percent of the victims have been smoked by their mother!Tйny: There are many reasons for high risk. "Passive smoking" of the fetus has been shown to reduce the risk of neonatal birth, and premature birth is more common due to poor circulatory fertility, all of which are risk factors for fetal death. But smokefruit is shorter worsens the infant's Awakening reaction, developmental pace, so it is harmful if the mother stops smoking for the duration of her pregnancy. respiratory diseases, recurrent heartburn, asthma attacks, lower than average weight, and slower development.We recommend: You might want to put down your cigarette when you are planning to have a baby, and try to talk to your partner about the same if you smoke. Even if the little one is born, there is a point in quitting! (You can find help in Pregnant Maternity.)

    Maybe infections are also responsible

    Бllнtбs: According to a new study, 90 percent of infant deaths were infected with Helicobacter Pylori or E. Coli baktйriummal. The infectious handle spreads, making sure that the pacifier is licked or that the baby is licking the baby's glue.Tйny: Antibodies obtained in the womb protect the neonate from the majority of infections by eight to ten weeks. It does not even occur in deaths at this age, although this may be due to a combination of several factors. But even scientists don't know how these bacteria could have caused the death of a seemingly healthy baby. There are also the assumptions that they will reproduce in greater numbers after the death, and that they may already have better conditions in the body of infants who die suddenly.We recommend: Adult spleen can spread many types of infections. Breastfeeding is also a defense in this respect - the immune-boosting substances found in breast milk that continue to protect the baby from infections continue to be protected.

    Flames are not life insurance

    Бllнtбs: The baby watcher alarms loudly after twenty seconds of signaling. In some cases, this is enough to cause the baby to wake up and start crying, which will automatically start his or her breathing.Tйny: Preparations are not life insurance by themselves, as they do not prevent respiratory failure, and if the problem is severe, the baby will not wake up himself or herself, and will need to be reinstated. However, in the event of an emergency, it immediately draws parents' attention. In these cases, you only have minutes, after which you have brain death. Elхfordul false mark Also, as the babies moan in their minds, they slip away from the craft, which immediately awakens the whole family. Even if you lose the baby without turning off the device, it will still alert you.We recommend: You think you really need the machine, talk to your pediatrician if the baby is at risk. If you decide to buy a cookware, only buy it at a place where you will be taught the basics of Rebuilding, because using the machine will cost you more if you master this technique.

    Bishop Fish - Facts in the Dawn

    "And when I woke up to breastfeed my child, he was dead" (Bible, Exodus 3:19) - this is the oldest standard of witchcraft. Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) is still a mysterious tragedy because we can't say the cause of the death even after the autopsy doctors.Almost healthy baby falls asleep, and most do not wake up. It is believed that it is not a single cause, but the presence of several factors, leading to tragedy. Felmerьlt genetic factors There are also those who mention a decrease in the negative ion content of the air among the causes, and they certainly play a role development of focal pointWhen interpreting the data, it should be borne in mind that due to the rarity of the phenomenon, statistics are often contradictory and comparisons between two groups are also difficult because of the so-called genetic, life-style differences between the groups. It is also possible that maternal intake of omega-3 fatty acids during pregnancy is also an important factor in the imaging of the fetal central nervous system.

    What do we know for sure?

  • He touches more boys than girls.
  • The risk is up to one year of age, but 95% of cases occur before the age of one.
  • More common in winter than in summer.
  • The victims were found lying 80 percent on their stomachs.
  • Welsh fish - Risk factors

    A child younger than one year is at risk if…
  • koraszьlцtt;
  • her mother is younger than thirteen;
  • first child;
  • eats baby food;
  • he had a brother who died of wickedness (this increases the risk by a factor of five!);
  • any parent smokes (this increases the risk by three times!);
  • the mother was drinking or smoking during pregnancy;
  • the family lives in poverty.
  • From a professional point of view, dr. Gyula Bьki pediatric neuralgia>
    You can read more about prevention here