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In Hungary, almost all first-time parents undergo a female incision, and in other countries this procedure is much less frequent. Professionals also disagree with which procedure is more in the best interests of the mother and the fetus.

Understandably, every pregnant woman wants to know if her intimate parts are broken without having to give birth. It is also natural that you are expecting the answer from the doctor you have chosen first, which usually sounds like this: we only do it when it is needed. Accordingly, only the dхl szьlйs utolsу szakaszбban the kitolбs moments, whether kigцrdьlhet the baby's head anйlkьl to nйhбny inch vбgбssal megkцnnyнtenйk the ъtjбt.A gбtmetszйs sorбn tulajdonkйppen the gбton, ie hьvelybemenet йs dropped onto the vбgбst vйgbйlnyнlбs kцzцtti terьleten a ollу segнtsйgйvel just before the baby's head is released. The cut is usually sideways because the incision (called the center) incision can sometimes be delayed and can cause a serious injury. that the dam is going to get up. The end is sudden every obstacle goes away from the baby's shoulder, the next pusher will slide out while the obstetrician is protecting the dam from further cracking. Without killing, it would probably take long minutes for the baby to be born.

Cut or crack?

Doctors who oppose routine breast surgery say that this procedure should only be used in exceptional cases, when it comes with more benefits than disadvantages. For example, a baby with a fetus lying in a pelvic area and vital for a shorter period of postpartum period. There are situations when the baby's heart rate decelerates immediately before birth and does not improve at certain times.

In many cases, a cut is justified

In such cases, a section is made It may turn out to be a staple to speed up your birth. When the time comes, it is important that we trust the decisions of our parents and doctors. However, most births occur without any occurrence. The vaginal tissues spontaneously expand properly, and over time, when the aids are applied properly and properly, the mother and the mother must be properly restrained. The fetus is well-suited for all passages in the birth canal, just as the body's body is suitable for childbirth. Research has strongly suggested that risks associated with sectioning - including blood loss, pain, swelling and possible infections - far outweigh the deleterious benefits of the procedure. In spite of all this, some doctors practically applied it to every little child. They suggest that straight-line cutting is easier to "repair" than irregular cracking.However, if we have the appropriate experience and patience to help during birth, the baby may be pushed out cracks also light up rapidly, and they won't be sewn together either. Rare cracks that require more filling than a standard gauge are rare. Most cracks are small and straight. They are sewn just like in the case of section. Occasionally, crack sewing requires more expertise than a cut, but this should not be a problem for an experienced physician or nurse. Several studies have confirmed that there is no significant individuality mбsodfokъ cracking And a a wound caused by a surgical incision however, it has been shown that longer incarceration, sometimes delayed for up to several months, results in uncomfortable sex and pain. Research also shows that women feel less pain and infections are less likely to occur with cracks. Because of the faster healing process, you can also continue your sexual life sooner.

Muscle left behind

According to rumors, women's pelvic floor muscles will remain in good condition due to the shortening of the extension section and the regular, well-executed cut. This prevents later bladder depression, involuntary drip of urine and vaginal discharge. In contrast, no research has shown that buttocks can influence these factors in any way. The condition of the pelvic floor muscles is more the result of regular physical activity, unique hormone properties, and good old age. The most important factor in the prevention and training of the pelvic floor muscles is the practice and preparation of the assistants. Directed and weak pressure causes less distress in the tissues of the mother than strong pressure. The mother's tissues gradually expand without crying as the baby's head slowly and naturally moves through the birth canal. Births without a barrier incision do not result in any injuries in forty-fifty percent.

The cut may continue

Cracks are classified according to their gravity as usual. The first-degree cracks only the skin and the mucous membranes of the skin. THE secondary cracks muscle tissue is also damaged. For the sake of bruising, sectioning falls into this category. THE third degree cracks the end is zirconia, quarter cracks and the mucous membrane of the end is also damaged. Most natural fractures are first or second degree. Third and fourth degree cracks occur very rarely in cases where the parent has not undergone a cut and the baby has not been fast. However, in the case of a stomach incision, especially if the delivery is artificially accelerated (for example, by vacuum, tooth, abdominal pressure), or the birth itself is extremely rapid, unfortunately, it does not stop. Why can? Just imagine what happens when we break a sheet into pieces. If the material is not cut in advance, it is more difficult to get rid of it than to make a small cut at first. This makes it difficult to compare the domestic situation with the results of foreign research. When choosing a doctor, ask how often you use a bandage. Ask them to list the reasons for using the method. If we do not get a credible or acceptable answer, we may be knocking the wrong place.

Strengthen our invisible muscles!

THE Kegel exercises its essence is that, alternating between the midsection, the vagina, and the muscles around the limb, we compress, where we relax, as if we were trying to hold back our urine. So, you can strengthen the muscles of your pelvic floor. Keep these muscles tight for 10 seconds, then relax. Repeat the exercise 10 times, 20 times twice a day three times.

Sebgygygytti tips

Regardless of the stitches or crevices we have, the area around the vaginal inlet will become swollen and delicate for a few days or weeks after birth. Let's do the following if we want to be comfortable as soon as possible1. Care should be taken for the purity of the environment and its surroundings. After cutting, wash off the area where the brewing is located.2. Do not use plastic foil, which closes almost intimately until complete healing! Instead, we should use a cotton swab or mini diaper wrap. Change often!3. If the area is inflamed and swollen, icy compress may occur. Put water into a rubber glove, tighten the nipple, freeze it and wrap it in a dry cloth diaper. Leave it until it's cold.4. We may need more warmth for the wound. In this case, you can place in a pharmacy a heated cloth bag wrapped in a textile cloth or eight folded diapered, pressed, warm boiled potatoes on the wound.5. Perform Kegel exercises to improve blood circulation and heal faster.6. Drink plenty of fluids to keep your urine faithful and not drip.7. It seems like a good idea to have a gum or other mid-hole spleen until full healing. However, this may be the reason why the v8. Don't sell the finnish area any more! The sooner we get back to our usual circularity, the sooner the pain will stop.

"I will not allow a further incision!"

I had time to think during the long weeks, I didn't even sleep, stop, or lie down because of my pain. I lived on painkillers as I devoted myself to breastfeeding my first child, the night-time awakenings. I wanted to have a baby too, but I only chose it if it didn't end there for me once again.It is not true that nature has designed women to not normally have a baby there unless they have a bleeding wound! I had to find out what the "mistake" was. Surely I'm scared of the pain. I wasn't prepared to feel so bad. That's why when the doctor said that if we helped the baby a little, the baby would be worn out twice. Of course I said yes, but to do so I had to move out of the alternate living room, above the tall bed where I could only be born lying down! I can't press it up! Of course, I had to finish. Secondly, I knew what I was going to feel and also that I cry, hold on. I am not lying on the table, I can only be born in an upright position. And so it was: with the same baby, with the doctor, the second child was born, albeit in half the time of the first. Apric cracks just, no need to sew. I could've flown in two! The third one came so fast that almost no pressure was needed. No hairline crack!
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