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In Hungary, after the birth of a few young children, it is noticeable that he has a lacrimal duct. With this problem, it is a good idea to consult a specialist to avoid any further inconvenience.

About the development and treatment of lumen canalization Dr. Katalin Sйnyi, a pediatric ophthalmologist's chief doctor, who has been devoting every minute of her time to small patients.
How can a novice parent recognize that a baby canal is blocked?
The trachea is a small, small duct that runs into the nose. Light channel blockage can occur as early as one to two weeks old.
This can be a symptom if the child is light in the eyes, tweets or wakes after sleeping in the morning.
It can also be an intimate signal if the parent takes it as an example your child's eyes get pinched and sometimes clear, and they use any antibiotic eye drops in vain, which are effective in temporarily clearing the inflammation, but after will come back again.
If this process keeps coming back for up to two months, there is a great deal of light channel occlusion in the backdrop. In this case, what can a baby do?
In this case, the task is to get to the small ophthalmologist as soon as possible, at least 2-3 months, where the canal canal is injected, the canal canal is washed and the canal is stopped.
How to imagine such an intervention?
The doctor carefully introduces a probe into the existing trachea, this probe, which is passing along the canal. The fluid in the probe - which is just like the light - only needs to be pressed a little harder when you feel an obstacle. Liquids will open the key or the lock location. Do you have to worry about whether parents' fears are justified?
This procedure does not cause injury and does not have to be afraid of it. The permeability of the gutter is actually a physiological process. Similar to nasal cleansing.
After washing the canal, what does the parent have to do at home?
It takes about two to three days for the remainder of the election to disappear, so parents have to clear this remainder of the election. The eyelid edge should be lubricated with a quick-absorbing cream (this can be either an eyeliner or a popcorn), but care should be taken not to spill the eye. It is important that the skin is regenerated, because if the skin is brittle, it will produce more lightweight for the little one, and this process cannot stop. However, in three days this should clear up.
Parents have extensive experience in nasopharynx, and we often recommend that you clean the larynx over your nose with a small nose rinse after rinsing the trachea.
Later, in older age, when the nasal mucosa swells, edema occurs, but this does not mean that inflammation of the canal has returned.
Yo know that the light can be drained less easily, so the child's eyes shine better. In such cases, the fever is often measured. Can Duct Surgery Return?
In case you get a strong virus infection the little one. THE herpes virus which can cause severe inflammation of the canal and scarring. It can indeed spread to the trachea, but it also does not develop after the first flushing at 2-3 months.

Easy problems?

Could the little one have permanent eye irritation from the canal obstruction?
This problem does not depend on visual impairment, nor does it mean that those with canal obstruction will have poor eyes and vision. Can I have a tendency to lean on the canal?
Yes, there is such a tendency, the narrower expense can be inherited.
How many children does this mean in the clinic?
At the clinic, our order covers 15-20 percent of such problems. There are many here because pediatricians send children here. Unfortunately, it is a long gestation period, which is why we have created a nappy area and breastfeeding is possible.
It is important to note that pediatric patients may have accurate data on the incidence of birth cancers in Hungary.Is it possible to massage or otherwise apply mechanical effects to the eyelid in the case of laceration of the canal?
The mechanical effect then gives the compound a slight impression. If inflammation causes inflammation, it will reduce it, but massaging is rarely recommended because many parents dare not approach their child's eyes and so the operation itself may not be very effective.
And can antibiotics help?
The child will not be cured by the fact that all antibiotics are consumed by the parent. When the pediatrician sees that the inflammation recurs and not his white is red, the antibiotic treatment should be stopped and the lining of the canal cleansed.When is it feasible and appropriate to perform a gutter wash?
One to two-week-olds can be awake, but intervention should only be done if a chronic swelling develops. There are those who, in the supernatural part of the occlusion, collapse together and swell and swell. This is known as acute inflammation of the duct. In this case, the procedure is performed even in the case of a day-old baby, but in 80-90% of cases this is the first to the second week, because it is so light that it disappears even if it does not lead.
Newborns are easy to drink. It has no emotional list, it just lists, but does not intensify.
Both intervention and three months are recommended, but should be done by the age of three, because the further this problem is, the more scarred this area is, and more than that.
What happens if parents leave the procedure to the elderly?
There are children who are expected to reach the age of one because the parents think they will think, but in these cases they have to be irreversibly washed three times - they have to wash the canal again, because a little blood or the obstacle. Of course, at a younger age, the chances of this are lower.
Internationally, for financial reasons, we tend to postpone the solution of the canal obstruction until one year of age. This should be solved by a few anesthetic operations. In this case, a thin plastic probe is introduced into the duct and left there for a week to prevent it from closing again, and after a week, the leading bile is removed and the duct remains. We also do such intervention in neglected cases.
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