A hearing-impaired noisy implant was implanted in children

A hearing-impaired noisy implant was implanted in children

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In Hungary, at the University of Debrecen (DE), the implantation of a globally implanted hearing-aid implant in the noisy environment that first aids in a noisy environment has been introduced.

Rezes SzilбrdThe University of Debrecen Clinical Kцzpontjбnak (DEKK) Fьl-Nose-Gйgйszeti йs head Nyaksebйszeti Klinikбjбnak igazgatуja said the mыtйt mйrfцldkх the clinic cochleбris implantбciуs programjбban, in 2000 indнtottak out azуta szбmtalan szьletett him deaf or for hallбsjavнtбsra nagyothallу children received kйszьlйket .Hearing Noise Cancer implant implanted for children in Debrecen Thanks to the latest development from Oticon Medical in Denmark, two children have received an implant that uses a speech-filtering device even in noisy environments it also enables efficient speech processing, faster speech development - he emphasized. The implant was implanted in the ears of another and three and a half year-old children. The implant, on the other hand, allows speech development to be done after hearing development. was supported by Social Security it is possible to load it.Kazimierz Niemczyk, the director of the Warsaw University of Medicine's otolaryngology clinic, emphasized that, among all the implants available on the market, the smallest electrode, and the smallest one, has to be.Nuber Arnold, CEO of Oticon Medical Hungary: The implant is made of zirconium and titanium, which provide excellent resistance to external influences.
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