You can live a full life with diabetes

You can live a full life with diabetes

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In Hungary, the number of people living with diabetes has doubled in just over a decade, and nowadays it reaches nearly one million people, so it's no wonder that diabetes management is the biggest burden on health security.

Full Diabetes Life - Get Yourself!

Diabetes is one of the most important human beings in the world, with 415 million people currently living with it, 199 million of whom are women; the latter number is expected to grow to 303 million by 2040. International experience has shown that women tend to neglect the disease alongside their daily routines, and this time, on the World Diabetes Day, the International Confectionery Federation (ISA) is campaigning in many countries. ISA thus calls attention to the fact that you can live a full life with diabeteswhen disease-related activities are a priority in everyday life. About ISA
The International Sweetener Association (ISA) is an international, non-profit organization created with the scientific purpose of supplying low or zero calorie sweeteners, including those used in table top sweeteners. ISA this time November 14, the World Diabetes Day women are at the center of an organized campaign. Called "Women and Diabetes - A Healthy Future," the goal is to encourage women with diabetes to put their top priority on the top of their daily priority list. The nхk megszуlнtбsa йs edukбciуja azйrt important, because often the egйsz csalбd йtrendjйt хk бllнtjбk цssze, нgy priority szerepьk have knowledge of diabйtesszel йs elsajбtнtбsбban бtadбsбban, ezбltal and tбgabb йrtelemben a egйszsйgesebb jцvх kialakнtбsбban.A Nemzetkцzi Йdesнtхszer Szцvetsйg the Nemzetkцzi Szцvetsйggel Diabetes (IDF ) and the European Association of Dietitians in Diabetes (EFAD-ESDN) have called for professional cooperation to encourage and support scientific organizations. The more able you are to control diabetes with diabetes, the more you will be able to live a full and healthy life.Dr. Aimilia Papakonstantinou, Assistant Professor of Nutrition at the Agricultural University of Athens and Head of the Diabetes Section at EFAD-ESDN, "It is good news for you that diabetes is the type of chronic disease that easy to handle And optimum glycemic control can be achieved for the patient. This requires accurate daily planning, especially for activities that can have an effect on diabetes: for example, Diet and lifestyle habits, but it is very important цnellenхrzйs too. Diabetic women can be assured that they can live a full life and do not have to give up anything because of diabetes. In this endeavor, dietitians can be their highest comrades. "Kubбnyi Jolбn, chairman of the Hungarian Dietetic Association (MDOSZ), emphasized: "Today, our experts have a customized diet to help people with diabetes, and one of the most important aspects is to preserve the health of those who eat it. : Diabetes can be kept under control with a well-planned and planned schedule! According to their guidelines, diabetes seems scary at first, but it is easier to live with it than many people think. There is nothing more to be done by those concerned that diabetes is one of the primary tasks in the control of blood sugar control, thus ensuring a healthy diet and a balanced lifestyle. low calorie content for sweeteners large role to diabetics йtrendjйnek rйszekйnt because of low нzesнtett kalуriatartalmъ йdesнtхszerrel йtelek йs Beverage nyъjtjбk the йdes нz йlmйnyйt less or zero kalуria bevitelйvel, mikцzben segнtik patients in szйnhidrбt- йs бltalбban bхvebb informбciуk related tartбsбban.Az йdesнtхszerekkel daily kalуriabevitelьk this kordбban page.
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