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There is a growing number of children with diabetes 1

There is a growing number of children with diabetes 1

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In Hungary, 250-300 newly diagnosed children are affected by type 1 diabetes every year, which represents a three-fold increase in frequency over the past 30 years.

There is a growing number of children with diabetes 1Particularly worrying is the incidence of the disease in children under six years of age, even compared to older children women in a frenzy. The cause of autoimmune disease is still unknown, but with proper therapy, the affected children can live their entire lives. Pediatric Clinic No. 1 of the Semmelweis University, which promotes early diagnosis, carries out the oldest and most extensive medical care in the country because of the most important causes of diabetes mellitus. type 2 diabetes, non-civilization disease, life-style factors do not play a role he stressed Dr. Tуth-Heyn PeterThe Deputy Director of the Department of Pediatric Medicine, No. 1, said Type 1 diabetes is an autoimmune disease that is caused by dysfunction of the immune system. After a defective system of the body continues to destroy the insulin-producing cells of the pancreas, the lack of sufficient insulin can urine and blood chemistry shift to acidic control, which can be life-threatening. develops in childhoodand the number of patients multiplied in the past thirty years. Currently, the estimated number of children with type 1 diabetes in the world under the age of 15 is around 500,000, and approximately one in every year. In Hungary, every sixth child under the age of 15 is particularly disturbed by the fact that the incidence of the disease is the same as in the youngest (under 6 Type 1 diabetes has become one of the most common chronic childhood diseases in our day. (source: KSH / MTVA / MTI) Dr. Peter Tуth-Heyn mentioned among the most striking symptoms excessive fluid consumption (up to 4-6 liters daily), a frequent urination, the clean child of the house repeated the urinalysis to which fatigue and losing weight In infants, the need for more frequent diapers and breastfeeding, or the loss of much more fluid than before, has been a sign of widespread use. family accumulation, consumption of cow's milk under one year of age, and certain viral infections. The betegsйget бltalбban nйhбny weeks or hуnapja fennбllу tьnetek alapjбn azonosнtjбk, he will be all the diagnуzist kйtsйget felбllнtani kizбrуan if the doctor laborvizsgбlattal, vйnбs vйrbхl 11.1 mmol / L fцlцtti vйrcukorszintet mйr.A minйl korбbbi fбzisбban tцrtйnх diagnosztizбlбs rendkнvьl would be important to the onset of the first, well-noticeable symptoms, and the onset of severe, life-threatening metabolic derailment, are very short and may occur in up to one week in young children.
Affected children There are 28 diabetes centers in Hungary one of them, where professionals help to find the most optimal treatment for them, based on lifelong insulin aspiration. The clinic igazgatуhelyettese felhнvta attention to the terбpiбs lehetхsйgek fejlхdtek уriбsi tempуban the elmъlt 30 йvben, during this idх the orvostudomбny reached the бllati eredetы inzulintуl the йs ьltethetх inzulinpumpбig bхrbe sensors, which have kцszцnhetхen not csupбn patients йletminхsйge improved jelentхsen but hatбsukra the szцvхdmйnyek risk is minimized, the affected His life prospects have been extended for decades.Dr. Peter Tуth-Heyn added that despite modern devices, in the case of type 1 diabetes, the lives of children need to be organized very tightly. There is no specific diet, the recommendations are consistent with healthy eating principles, only certain fast-absorbing carbohydrates are listed, the time, number and amount of meals, Pediatric Diabetes and Psychology can be conceived as co-operatives, but civic organizations also have an important role to play. The specialist csupбn talбlkozik hбromhavonta fйl уrбra the sick child, the vйrcukorszint alakulбsбt turn fхkйnt are hatбsok befolyбsoljбk that хt йrik the kцztes idхszakban, йpp ezйrt large szьksйg is kцrnyezet tбmogatбsбra йs felkйszнtйsйre.A clinic close egyьttmыkцdik nйhбny professionally megbнzhatу йs egyesьlettel alapнtvбnnyal, they regularly organize education for educators, parents and educate the population. On Saturday, January 12th, the Szurikáta Foundation will be organized in Budapest XIV. You're having a child's diabetes day at Semmelweis University's Tыzoltу Street Theological Education Center. We are expecting hundreds of children and their families to attend the event.

What is a Diabetes Day?

Children with Type 1 diabetes and their families have a national meeting once a year. National Child Diabetes Day is a Hungarian phenomenon. Dr. Szabou Laszlo on the recommendation of the chief pediatric diabetic in Szombathely, every year since 2006, the first insulin injection is given on the day closest to Saturday (November 11, 1922). to spend a day more informal than the order. In addition to entertaining programs, a roundtable discussion is organized, where professionals (doctors, educators) and NGOs talk about current issues affecting Type 1 diabetic patients and answer questions.Related Articles in Type 1 Diabetes:
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