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Blood Glucose Movers: What Do They Mean?

Blood Glucose Movers: What Do They Mean?

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In Hungary, one out of every 100 people has diabetes, and 90 percent have type 2 diabetes in adulthood. The appearance of this occurs at a young age, probably due to obesity.

Blood Glucose Movers: What Do They Mean?

People with type 2 diabetes are close by 70 percent with a decent lifestylewith effective management, with a personalized diet, regular testmozgбssal can prevent or suggest the onset of the disease.In Hungary 700,000 are diagnosed with diabetes, more than 90% of whom have type 2 diabetes. Unfortunately, this figure is only the tip of the iceberg, as in the Hungarian screening of home physicians in 2010-2011, 15% of the tested patients had previously unknown reduced glucose tolerance. In addition, the incidence of type 2 diabetes is increasing with age and can reach as much as 15-20% in the elderly. It is possible that almost every known diabetic patient gets one more diabetes. In addition, there is also concern that the onset of type 2 diabetes mellitus is progressively younger, with a high likelihood of developing obesity. early detectionWhich segнtsйgйvel of the szцvхdmйnyek.Mivel 2 tнpusъ cukorbetegsйg can often tьnetszegйny megelхzhetхk or kйsleltethetхk, ezйrt not uncommon to akбr formed a tцbb йves betegsйg fennбllбs kцvetkeztйben szцvхdmйny (pйldбul: visszatйrх bхrgombбsodбs difficult wounds gyуgyulу) hнvja rб attention. That's right very important is filtrationThe йvnйl 45 idхsebbek kцrйben and azoknбl whose csalбdjбban elхfordult cukorbetegsйg, elhнzottak, high vйrnyomбsuk, szнv- йs suffer йrrendszeri betegsйgben or akiknйl terhessйgi korбbban cukorbetegsйget diagnosztizбltak.A justified according to the Hungarian Diabetes Tбrsasбg professional irбnyelve the szыrйs if the cukorbetegsйgre jellemzх tьnetek occur (increased szomjъsбgйrzet frequent vizelйs, fogyбs, szбjszбrazsбg, fбradйkonysбg, infekciу inclination homбlyos lбtбs etc) or akбr tьnetmentessйg esetйn, if the above emlнtett veszйlyeztetett group tartozу szemйlyrхl is szу.Tьnetmentes egyйn esetйn legalбbb kйt kьlцnbцzх idхpontban tцrtйnх йhgyomri Blood glucose determination is required or recommended to perform a more reliable test for high blood sugar.
Normal carbohydrate metabolism fasting: 6.0 mmol / l or less, 120 minute load: 7.8 mmol / l
Elevated fasting glucose fasting: 6.1-6.9 mmol / l, 120 min load: 7.8 mmol / l less
Decreased glucose tolerance on the stomach: 7.0 mmol / l or less, 120 minutes load: 7.8-11.0 mmol / l
Diabetes fasting: 7.0 mmol / l or less, 120 minute exercise: 11.1 mmol / l or less

Lifestyle, nutrition

Because the development of type 2 diabetes, which is a major contributor to diabetes, is largely due to poor lifestyle (inadequate eating habits, inactivity), it is a vital part of therapy. Diabetics are given a customized diet plan by a dietitian. The goal of dietary routines is achieving and maintaining optimal metabolic statusand other treatment modalities (medicine, insulin) to boost the blood glucose lowering effect. to what type szйnhidrбtokat and what elosztбsban consume cukorbeteg.A finomнtott szйnhidrбtok, pйldбul fehйr lisztbхl kйszьlt breads instead rйszesнtendхk elхnyben higher rosttartalmъ full kiхrlйsы lisztbхl kйszьlt breads йs gabonafйlйk, tovбbbб йrdemes nцvelni the hьvelyesek, zцldsйgek йs gyьmцlcsцk mennyisйgйt the йtrendben. Dairy products and lambs choose the leaner varieties. Diabetics should avoid foods and beverages containing cane sugar as they cause a rapid rise in glucose levels due to high glycemic indexes.


Regular exercise is very important in the development of diabetes as well as in the effective management of existing diabetes. It consists of a lifestyle management part.The mozgбsforma tнpusбt, intenzitбsбt йs gyakorisбgбt the kezelхorvos and gyуgytornбsz bevonбsбval tailored cйlszerы szemйlyre meghatбrozni.A mozgбsformбt illetхen something йrdemes vбlasztani what szнvesen ыzьnk - vбlik the йletmуd rйszйvй, нgy more esйllyel, йs not a "kцtelezх program - egyьtt akбr people mбs ", will be a burden. Yoga, dance, cycling can be a great choice, like a weight training, or pilates that create harmony in body and soul. Diabetes, as a chronic condition, is often associated with psychological problems (such as depression) that also have a beneficial effect on movement, as it improves mood, and also affects the patient's therefore, physical activity should be performed to avoid possible hypoglycaemia (blood sugar).

Regular glucose measurement

Regular glucose levels are a matter of course helping the patient sajбt know the szervezetйnek reakciуit that caused the vйrcukorszint kьlцnbцzх йlelmiszerek emelkedйs posts by these people (glikйmiбs index) mйrtйkы what or how egyйb kьlsх kцrьlmйnyek befolyбsoljбk vйrcukorszintjйt.Manapsбg you have already sokfйle vйrcukormйrх kйszьlйk kaphatу the particular patient leginkбbb megfelelх mйrх kivбlasztбsбhoz segнtsйget nyъjtanak the dolgozу professionals diabetolуgiбkon . The right technique for glucose control in diabetes care centers is taught to diabetics. Regular glucose control also recommended for Type 1, Type 2 diabetics and pregnant women with diabetes mellitus. It is important to note, however, that although these modern glucose cartridges are accurate enough, but are not suitable for diabetes diagnosis, they can only be obtained from laboratory-measured blood tests.