A new Hungarian procedure could help detect Lyme disease

A new Hungarian procedure could help detect Lyme disease

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A new procedure developed by Hungarians may help detect Lyme disease. Development of the method started in 1986, but due to the lack of money, the tests were slow.

A new Hungarian procedure could help detect Lyme diseaseBouzsik Béla Pбl, the scientific director of Lyme Diagnostics Ltd., a new method called DualDur, said so far we have used so-called serological tests to detect infectiousness, In the course of a morphological examination, which is currently undergoing clinical examination, a blood sample is immediately detected under a blood sample under a microscope, which is this is why the tick is extremely important as soon as it is removed, the however, the potroot should not be touchedbecause we, in particular, inject the infectious substance into the body.
He also called the examination of the animal itself important, which is possible only in a private institution in Hungary. Brain inflammation and inflammation of the brain nerves the manager added.
Andrus Bouzsik, Managing Director of Lyme Diagnostics Kft. however, research is likely to have accelerated, so to speak up to one year from now the new method may be on the market said the manager.
He also said that I would like to fully automate the examination of the samples to get the results as quickly as possible. Previously, it took 50-60 minutes to get the correct laboratory results, but now with manual operation, you will have the results in as little as 15-20 minutes, but you have been able to fully automate microscopy and detect the infection in 6-8 minutes.Felix Bubenheimer, the European Commission Representative in Hungary, said the DualDur method is supported by the unique research program Horizon 2020, which provides scientific expertise for the entrepreneurial spirit. which, if not diagnosed and treated in good time, can spread in the business, causing severe and persistent symptoms in the nervous system and the heart. need to remove the moles. In rare cases, Lyme disease can be fatal. Between 1985 and 2018, nine fatalities were reported, caused by cardiomyocytes discharged from Lyme disease. This occurs when bacteria enter the corpus luteum.
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