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Elevated Family Party: Who's Going?

Elevated Family Party: Who's Going?

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A higher amount of family butter (parenting allowance) can be claimed in many cases. Let's see what these are.

Elevated Family Party: Who's Going?

Who can claim who you go to?

An elevated level of the family can be the same as the standard family: the parent, the parent, the spouse, the child, the adoptive parent, the foster parent, the official parent on the basis of a medical law, the person who has already initiated the adoption procedure is the head of the children's home and the head of the social institution. permanently ill, or living with severe disabilitiesand She was born under 1500 grams they can claim. Upgraded Family Folks Like the basic family Folks can be taken from childbirth.Total amount of service:
for a family with a child with a persistently ill or severely handicapped child 23,300 Ft
for a person raising a child who is permanently ill or severely disabled 25,900 Ft
18. In case of permanently ill or severely handicapped person over the age of 18 HUF 20.3. higher цsszegы csalбdi pуtlйkra if the eighteenth йletйvйnek legalбbb 67% lost the betцltйse elхtt munkakйpessйgйt, suffered legalбbb 50% mйrtйkы egйszsйgkбrosodбst or who egйszsйgi бllapota the rehabilitбciуs hatуsбg minхsнtйse alapjбn exceed 50% of the eighteenth йletйvйnek the betцltйse elхtt not and this status lasts for at least one year, or is likely to last for at least one year. (II.19.) ESZSM Decree requires special care or care due to his / her illness or disability. asthma that affects many people, as well as some food allergies. The child's treatment includes the home pediatrician and the child's specialist call your parents' attention the possibility of a higher amount of family potters.

Who should judge if the raised family party is legitimate?

In the case of a child suffering from persistent or severe disability, an application for a higher amount of family allowances must be accompanied by a certificate of illness and disability.
The certificate shall be issued by a specialist in a pediatric clinic, a children's hospital, a hospital ward, a specialized hospital, a specialist or a specialized care provider. fogyatйkossбg fennбllбsбt the kьlцn jogszabбlyban by elхнrtak igazoltбk.Ha tartуsan the sick child sъlyosan fogyatйkos utбn - because бllapotбnak javulбsa - the higher you have already цsszegы csalбdi pуtlйk not jбr the jogosultsбg megszыnйsйt kцvetх hуnaptуl csalбdi pуtlйkot New Account цsszeggel fogjбk folyуsнtani.Ha child utбn higher цsszegы the family is entitled to travel allowance, medical expenses, meal discount and free textbooks.
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