Rather, I kept you in my arms

Rather, I kept you in my arms

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Today I have run out of patience. All I could do was think about having a couple of free minutes when I could take care of myself.

Keep it in your arms for as long as you can

Then, when I fell asleep on my chest, the list ran through my mind as to how much I should do. I should have chosen one of many things to do. But I finally decided to leave the whole thing and rather, I only have content in my arms - tell me Regan Long ††††† "Mother, I should have packed it in the dishwasher because the unwashed dishes were towering in the kitchen. But I rather kept in my arms. I should have folded the clothes that had dried on the dry bed, and again had to wash the clothes that had gotten wet in the washing machine. But Jin rather, I kept you in my arms.I should have taken a quick, two-minute shower like I used to, and so have I been lucky enough to wash my hair and even put on some makeup. But I decided rather, I only have content in my arms instead, I wanted to respond to some work email and missed phone calls that ran to me in the last 72 hours. But I kept you in my arms. I wanted to dust up the crumbs that he was scattering in the living room, and I wanted to pack the toys that were going to fill the whole house. But I kept you in my arms.I should have cooked dinner there, had to write out the letters that were on the kitchen counter Monday. But I kept you in my arms.I should have taken you upstairs to sleep in your own bed, because it would have been more comfortable for you there. But I kept you in my arms.Look, your little feet are staring at you as tight as you lie on my feet, even though it was just yesterday that you lay on me the same way, and your toes only hit my stomach. Your breath, your sweet little hands, surround me, and I know you will rather choose your own mind if you want to sleep. When I was planning these times, I didn't think I was going to think like you are now lying in my arms. Here and now I'm calm, beige, and I'm glad that a I can hold you in my arms. This is a good choice, there are more things to expect. The original entry can be read here.