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We unveil 5 bottom timers

We unveil 5 bottom timers

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Luckily for everyone today, knowing that a newborn baby is one of the most important things for a mom is relaxing whenever she can.

Of course, having a small baby has a lot to do, even if you don't want to be a Perfect Mother and Perfect Housewife, so it's important to be able to differentiate.
But it doesn't matter if we know what activities they once thought were essential, but they were now redundant. (Of course, you may have one or other questions of principle, or have so much help with plenty of stuff, but for those who don't, don't feel bad!)

Work with a child - not easy!


Infant clothes do not need to be washed outdoors and at high temperatures (Of course, if a family member has, say, skin disease, the other is the case, but in other cases, 40 degrees and a smooth washing program are abundant.)


No need to iron your baby's clothes. (As stated in the previous section, in exceptional cases, ironing is required, but this is just an aesthetic request.) it is easy to iron.

Daily shit

The little one does not have to be bathed daily. The newborns do not sweat even in the heat of the day, nor do they return to strong light, so that the sticky sunscreen has to be washed away and will not be dirty. In fact, it is not recommended to sprinkle more than twice a week, as even bathing without baths or bathing with degreasing agents can dry the skin. And most whole little kids do not like grafting, grooming, or the water itself. (Of course, shorter ones like and divide the day, but in the beginning, life is much simpler if you don't force it.)


There is no need to sterilize anything when the baby is breastfeeding and does not use pacifiers. Of course, in rednecks, the handles can be removed occasionally, but after that, the spoon used for vitamin K administration is immersed in hot water before use.


You do not have to milk routinely if you do not need skimmed milk. Longer breastfeeding and more frequent breastfeeding may be a better solution for breastfeeding, or if the baby is breastfeeding after feeding, or if the baby does not seem to be breastfeeding, then you can breastfeed in one or more positions. (This saves not only time and inconvenience, but also the ability to wash and sterilize your mouth).