Beating doesn't help

Beating doesn't help

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Nowadays, no one would ever think of picking up a trinket or prakker to discipline a malevolent seedling, but sometimes he would always snap his ears and spit out his kid's butt if all his tools were gone!

Beating doesn't help

The same is true with slaps and neck broths as with smoking. We know it's bad, we won't do anything to stop it. If we are nervous, we swallow the cigarette. The hand works by itself, without asking it before the brain, and in March the seemingly insignificant neck broth, which nevertheless leaves a lasting impression on the child's soul.

That last drop in the glass

Every so often, children are reluctant to do what they expect, to oppose, to carry. They may behave aggressively with their peers at the playground, at school, or with us as adults: they are, they are, they are biting.
If we are rested, kindly, calmly, and without the use of violence, resolve such conflicts. However, if the baby has finished half the night, the bittersweet refuses to eat only teddy bear oatmeal, which has just run out, and our couple also announces that they can keep up with us on Sunday. Anyone who does so because it is the only tool for them cannot otherwise have an effect on their childhood.
In order to overcome such situations, we need to prepare for them in the head. Let us not be surprised by these situations, because we will become unemployed and unarmed! We give up before we even realize what happened. That is why it is very important that we train the right response in our brain during a gray period, because in the dreadful moment we will not have the time!
Let's assume that our child is the same as the rest. The sweetest baby model picks the tap off the wall while her mother breastfeeds a little, just to test whether she's actually licking her or just drinking.

Does the cut to the ground help?

The moment the baby is seen in the face, his adrenal gland releases a large amount of adrenaline into the bloodstream. This works as a lightning strike: its head rises from the tip of the little toe. The adrenal gland "thinks" that he needs adrenaline to fight to be strong, fast and aggressive. But adrenaline is just as necessary when a kid runs out of a window sill or runs out of cars to act quickly.
In such cases, the child is sure to expect slaps, but rather squeeze them in our arms! This proximity to the body helps to reduce the amount of adrenaline it contains.
For the most part, we thought we'd scatter a sheet of paper, cut a blanket over the ground, and we would just calm ourselves down. But an American psychologist, Brad Bushman, came to the conclusion that anyone attempting to starve him in such a way would not be free of his fury. On the contrary, aggressive anger leads to violent action.
Let's count for a week or so, maybe retire to another room, or leave home and go for a walk! Voluntary and psychic distance is the decision. It's like when someone in the car was really intruding and it made us excited. The best thing we can do is let go of the need to get rid of it as soon as possible.
Unfortunately, we cannot always choose this solution, as we cannot leave small children alone.

"We've almost tried the crime"

How does the child learn when he is behaving impossibly when we are signaled to leave the room and only come in when we are calm? First of all, every child knows what it is like to purposely spill a glass of milk, and he is also aware that he has violated the "rules of the game". Because of our facial expression and the way we react suddenly in a given situation, he is very much aware that he has done wrong. We remain excited, even if we are able to control our emotions.
With abuse, the child sometimes provokes intentionally. He wants to make us pay attention to him, just to keep up with him. In such a case, a possible slap just results in the kid starting a ball, so we comforted and beat him. If we react calmly at this point, we can arouse our judgment, the child realizes he cannot manipulate us at will.

Never mind love and love

Since all childish provocation has its cause, it would be wrong for you to leave your stories without you, especially if you repeat it often. It is absolutely necessary to talk about it with the educators at home, inside the family, in the kindergarten and at school. But first with the kid himself! We need to find out what's in the background of fraudsters. You may not be able to tell what your grief is, but we must try to understand your concerns. If you just need extra attention, give it to him. Let us provide programs whenever we deal with it, and our attention and love need not be shared with anyone.

The soul of a child is broken by the beat

The neck soup (of course, strictly Makarenku!) Has not gone out of fashion these days, but It's a terrible fact that moms are raising their hands less and less, especially if you are smaller than two tiny. Rather, we try to get things done with a good word of mind, without hitting the kid's butt. There are, of course, people who do get sick from time to time, even though bodily harm is in most cases not only ineffective, but it also has a number of unwanted side effects.
The little ones who get a little or so of a neck brace or a bottom tipping usually take a surprised look at them, and they end up with a lousy, dumbass. Most of the time they are looking for consolation, and they are just looking for the one who has suffered the crime. But those who get caught regularly would welcome a new "dress" with a tired fit. Out of grief or pride, but we do not detect their sensations, even as they annoy the threat. You may be back yourself.
The slaps, buttocks, in any case shatter the soul of the child, educating him / her to use violence against the smaller and the weaker. What should we do with a medicine that hardly helps with healing but has a number of destructive side effects? Surely we'll throw it in the trash. Why don't we do the same thing with corporal punishment?

Small slaps are forbidden in Hungary!

Since January 1, 2005, law prohibits all forms of violence against children, including the slightest blow to the bottom. too. Unfortunately, most parents do not know about this at all, it has not received much cheese echo. Not only laws, heads, public thinking must change.

He hurts me better

I knew I was never going to give birth to my children. I prepared, read, learned self-knowledge, and picked on the words of an experienced, committed mother. Yours. One day I was alone at home with the barely-aged Misu, and simply unable to make the meal. He moved, rattled my pants, stomped inside me, when I was exhausted, he wanted to lick the foot, he almost jumped in, and the moment came that I didn't go any further.
I reassured myself, which at times proved to be effective, how good it is for me, as long as I need it, it is not a mistake, a busy day, a tiny enough to have patience, I love it, it is beautiful, it is I wanted. He didn't go. The purple mist came and I hit the pelvis. He also forgot to buy air. Fuldokolva srt. He hysterically hugged, putting his face in my face. In my life, I still didn't hurt myself. We sobbed in each other's hand, I vowed I'd never do anything else. You don't have to cook all the lunches, hitch a dress, or clean the windows. Х the first. During the storms of the racket, I had a keen eye for distracting methods. I'm not suggesting that one or two of them didn't get killed this time, but I'm sure for a while: I'll never do that again! What does it take to imagine a young child returning to the service situation, the physical weakness, the absolute confidence? God?
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