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Today, it is not uncommon for children from different parents to be brought up together.

The Sibling is not uncommon nowadaysPanna was six years old when her mother was expecting a baby again. They weren't excited with their dad before the big event, but with another babe - the little girl she'd met last summer. Many years have passed since little Rozi has been educated. Panna hates the expression for her half brother: "Rosie is my whole brother!" protests when someone asks for degrees of kinship.In the case of children raised from a young age, it is really a problem for adults to know who their child is. A non-born parent is usually hard-pressed to understand that a child is not raised under his or her wings, has other values, lives up to the norm, and does not always behave the way he or she would expect. The situation is exacerbated by the lack of a parent-child relationship that facilitates cohabitation during turbulent times: this is an early-childhood bond. what you do with malice and what comes from temperament. If I get the kid ready, I can hardly tune in.

Enyйm - you

"I am often harder on my own than the others," Margit recalls. "I thought my brother's child was in distress. "I don't want to be wicked, sometimes I have remorse. I find it hard to restrain myself when a little grief strikes the big one. It happens to me that you dare, not your brother!"
In an "ordinary" family there are recurrent quarrels, grievances, and rankings among siblings. One of them is probably in the "slightly sweet" era, while the other is the "indefatigable teenager", so it is difficult to love them at every moment. If they are not siblings, they and parents may be confronted with a lack of blood and conflicts that can lead to new problems and the parents themselves to blame. It is very difficult to look at the situation without much enthusiasm, though it might help family members to change their relationship and change the day-to-day routines. In this process, a family of professionals in family therapy can be of great help.
Quarrelsome kids can easily drop this sentence: whatever you want, you're not my real brother! Parents can be frightened of this, especially if they have not heard a stream of "real" brothers and sisters, where children often do not even print bruises on their heads. Anything you do on the web can be avoided, which can be used against others. This does not mean that "brothers and sisters" love each other less than they are true brothers and sisters.

Low statute

  • The parent should never tune the child against the other parent (sire or "just" parent).
  • Do not criticize other parenting methods in front of children.
  • Do not assert in our bloody child that he is the only one who is truly bound.
  • It is not sometimes fair to do justice to children. We need to feel constantly that we are being honest with us - according to their age and needs.
  • Don't expect to love each other. Love cannot be attained, or at the very least promoted, by asking children to work together on interesting things.

Scents lead

Studies at the University of Detroit have shown that certain genetically determined fragrances can help identify parents with their own children. The anyбk thirty esetbхl huszonhйtszer felismertйk biolуgiai gyerekьk szagбt, mнg the nevelхanyбk kйtharmadrйszt elhibбztбk the azonosнtбst its ellenйre that is grown in a gyermekьkkel йvek уta fedйl йletek.A testvйrpбrok well behaved hasonlу mуdon: йdestestvйreiket eighty szбzalйkban felismertйk, fйltestvйrьk illatбt only felerйszben, mнg those of us living "brothers and sisters" who came from other parents could not at all be identified by their scent. Knowing that "family" scents elicit caring behaviors from parents, it is understandable that their absence can make it difficult for the child to tune.
Peter Rowlands, Sunday Parents, and Love for Kids! author of cнmы writes: "The story of where the birth of two parents has made life richer for everyone than the one in which this disaster has begun ... to create."Related articles about brothers and sisters:
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