Wonderful relationship

Wonderful relationship

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Wonderful relationship

It is now well known that having a negative attitude towards a mother's baby - for example, if you have not conceived and are not expecting a baby - has a serious effect on the psychosomatic development of the baby.

It is an incredibly important thing for a mother to have a devoted mental image of her baby and what kind of dialogue she has with her.

From end to end

In the relationship analysis, we are going from step to step and consciously selecting it
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playback of the contract space, which will be a mutual condition of the mother and her fetus. The baby develops emotionally and theoretically quickly, in a differentiated manner, which also means that in its concoctions it is stable, predictable, harmonious, and balanced. At the same time, the little mother is a conscious and confident mother in this relationship space. Relationship analysis basically moves within the common psychological domain. Recently, however, a small number of ultrasound, flowmetry, and other examinations have shown such dramatic changes in the functioning of biological systems that require the intervention of the eye. Those in which medicine is already incapable of intervention.


One baby who had a wonderful relationship with her baby had a weekly ultrasound examination of the placenta, less amniotic fluid, and a small fetus. Doctors called for an immediate consultation, and considered the possibility of a cesarean section. They still ended the immediate surgery, but they were given daily ultrasound and flowmetry tests on the baby. In the next few years, we started to massively weaken the placenta with the help of hand. The task was also given to the mother at home. The daily examination results have improved so much that there is no need to visit the clinicians every day. The effect of continued massaging lasted for up to a week, after which the tests reported a further deterioration of the placental condition. That night, based on a possible deeply unconscious correlation, I worked out an interpreter and, the next time, encouraged my baby to speak with placenta. I told him to tell her the following: "You can feel like my baby's mom just like me. Maybe you have the feeling that you want to make it all over you. Because you are connected, and taking advantage of each other's time. Because you are prematurely wasting yourself, you have come to feel that you are taking time out of your work. Your sense of guilt, which is sorcerous, is superfluous. The opposite direction you have. The longer you survive, the longer your baby's life will be. " The baby, intended to be born with a 36-month-old cesarean section, is finally 39 and forgetful at normal birth and is born on time.