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Nowadays, there are more and more nurseries, babysitters, baths or family rooms, although they are not recommended in many places. Most of the bedrooms are single-minded, and regardless of this, homelessness is not unheard of.


Tradition, or rather, custom, has several reasons. Most hospitals do not have the ability to purchase new types of tools. The other reason is undeniable - the medical insight. It is difficult to get rid of well-practiced, well-functioning procedures. It is a fact that not all parents are called "facsimiles" by their parents; you feel good about yourself if you can persuade yourself fully and tell them when and what to do. Now we are talking about a normal, complication-free birth, and here we mention everything that applies to every life issue.

As usual

What was that?

Mothers who carry their first baby are usually worried about whether or not they will be taken up when their baby is about to be born. Concern is superfluous because of the birth very marknns, sometimes you have never experienced signs. The flow of amniotic fluid is a very reliable sign. In this case, the water drips in front of the baby's head, which is very abundant. This fluid is colorless, odorless (possibly baby-smelling), lukewarm, and has all the characteristics of urine, which inevitably drips off urine at the end of its appeal. Otherwise, it is not the amniotic fluid that runs off, but the cows start first. Birth cows are wavy: they begin hardly noticeably, gradually increase, and then gradually subside after their peak. Between two headaches is perfect for the "silence", which also distinguishes it from the pain of menses. Jé, what was that? the mother asks, surprised. That was the first blush.


The smooth muscle of the bee does an incredible amount of work to bring the baby to life. This is really a pain. As muscular activity increases, the more sensitive the sensation is. Initially, the ubiquitous compression is shorter in half, and then in every minute or minute. At first, the process usually takes longer because the body is still inexperienced. Secondly, from the third baby onwards, there are feminine pains, which are concentrated in minutes, so the process is more intense. Doctors usually advise Five-minute crawfish do not spend at home, go to the hospital.

On his feet

Fortunately, most hospitals do not have their mothers ready: they are not required to shave their eyes and hair in most places. Because it is egyьttszьlйs (most often with the father of a child) is an accepted custom, a pregnant mom gets a lot of help from her. In general, we encourage you to stay on your feet because the weight of the fetus helps with ovarian recovery. Internal examinations are routinely performed, and the physician or obstetrician will seek to measure the degree of fatigue. When you hear the number of artificial eggs, it is very difficult for the mother to do, because the process has been completed, but the artificial egg has not "disappeared". During this transition period, the pain is continuous and the displacement stimulus appears, but in order to avoid internal injuries, it is important not to press again. In this case, he feels like he is no further, his strength and patience are gone.

It's the end of Five

Fortunately, the transition phase is short and the exit phase is about to begin. The prepared ones should be applied, but the doctor, the nurse, is constantly giving instructions. In this case, the mom is almost painless, because she is active, and she pulls her baby together. There is no discomfort between two pushers, then you need to relax and prepare for the next round. He will not realize that they will undergo an incision in the autumn. He suddenly found that his belly had suddenly flattened, and all had gone to magic. The baby is born - no man! Even so, it is the elimination of the appendix, which is removed from the maternal body in the shape of a smaller sphincter (if not, the doctor will deliberately remove it from the lining).

Perfect Mom?

If all is well, the mother and baby may return home on the third day of their birth. Home is worth a lot to relax a lotso it's good if your dad takes leave for a few weeks. Do not believe the mother, that without the world head on, do not start cleaning, do not sleep, do not burden yourself! Sleep with the baby while breastfeeding - the rest is on the family. Many people are happy with the birth of a baby kedйlyingadozбst.Not to be frightened, all of this comes naturally hormonal imbalance. If you feel like singing, sing! If you don't want to live, tell them to leave you! And if someone revolves around saying "a normal mom is not a baby, but she is a baby girl," feel free to put her out the door (out there, she'll remember how much she is). This is your child, your life, your soul! Don't expect the maternal sentiment to fall for you. That's not it! Being a mother is not a purely biological fact, it takes time to develop feelings. So patient and sorry! Don't worry about it; there is no perfect mother, but your child will love it - this is the refinement of nature.