Specific cases of pregnancy - What about twins?

Specific cases of pregnancy - What about twins?

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Nowadays, pregnancy is monitored from the beginning and any problems are eliminated. The chances of rescuing premature babies are much greater.

In mammals, the number of fetuses is on average equal to half of the mother's nipple. People like it every 80th pregnancy is a twin pregnancy. There is a tendency to become more pregnant: twin pregnancies, for example, are more common in the northern states and in the families where you are born twins. In the course of treatment, drugs are used which exclude follicular rupture, which aids in the cure of several eggs at the same time. 20% of twin pregnancies are born.

Same twins

There are 2-3 identical twins per thousand births. Equivalent or true twins are derived from a single fertilized egg which has been fertilized by a single human germ cell. The fertilized egg, that is, the egg, is divided into exactly the same part during the first 15 days of its life, which then develops on its own. Depending on the date of the bifurcation, the twins' placenta and the fetal envelope of the twins may be middling or separated. In the case of a common fetal envelope, (symmetric) body parts may be born by siam twins.The same twins genetic identity is the same And they are always homogeneous, they can be lumped together, as long as their fingerprints are the same. The same test can be used to verify. Currency twins are more common events. In fact, a mutual paddle means that the babies have the same benefit if the circling surface provided to them in the paddle is the same. Pregnancy requires medical and ultrasound monitoring every 15 days from week 28. If one of the twins is "lagging" in development compared to the other, it may be necessary to initiate it before the birth dateso that the imbalance does not put the smaller one in a vulnerable position.

Fat twins

Double or ovariectomized two differentiated egg cells are produced during the sexual intercourse of one or two consecutive sex cells. In the womb two fertilized eggs are fertilized at the same time And it is developing. Children always have outside beds and fetuses. They are just as similar to each other as other siblings, and can be sexually different. There are 7-9 double births per thousand births.

Twin pregnancy is also considered to be a pregnant pregnancy


A mother who is pregnant with twins should consume more white, but she must be dietary, and does not need a significant excess weight. Twin pregnancy requires frequent and regular medical check-ups, as the risk of pregnancy is higher at the onset of pregnancy and the incidence of toxicities is lower. The twins often premature birth, the greater the amount of amniotic fluid and the weight with which the cervix is ​​pressed, it triggers the concussion. It is important that your twin parents stay in a hospital with a well-equipped neonatal class. Childbirth is usually easy because of the small fetus. A first born baby is considered to be older, usually 15-30 minutes before the younger sibling is born. Bleeding can be the biggest danger when you are born.


According to the World Health Organization, all children born prematurely before the age of 37 and less than 2500 grams are premature. Early childhood education has different degrees. A baby born at 36 months is almost as strong as a baby born to a baby who is less than 1,000 grams of birth weight and has a small chance of becoming pregnant. early onset of dyspneawhich can be caused eg. motor, shock, fatigue. Preterm can be avoided in some cases and can be postponed until week 37 when the mother is fully rested and sewn together. early fetal membrane crack because of the risk of infection, the mother must be urgently transported to the hospital, where birth is carried out in the urine. Even in the case of an unbroken envelope, the maternal infection is often present in the premature birth. Immediately started antibiotic treatment can be effective. Other causes of premature birth include poor social status, psychiatric factors, twin pregnancy, anterior placenta, malformations or tumors of the uterus.

Neither are premature babies the same

The body of premature babies is not yet functional: the nervous system, the digestive system, the respiratory system and the eyes are not yet sufficiently mature. THE shortness of breath egyrйszt cause of the tьdхverхйr йs fхverхйr kцzцtti fetal цsszekцttetйs fennmaradбsa, mбsrйszt tartу open tьdхhуlyagocskбkat the цsszetapadбsukat megakadбlyozу material, the surfactant hiбnya.Manapsбg mestersйges lйlegeztetйsnek kцszцnhetхen the koraszьlцttek tцbb than 90% of all tъlйli but nйhбnyan kцzьlьk hуnapokig the lйlegeztetх they stay. Today, synthetic surfacing of surfactant is possible. In such cases, everything that could be harmful to the child's lungs (tobacco smoke, fragrances, etc.) must be carefully avoided during the first years of life. agykбrosodбs It is also a risk: in the first postnatal cerebral ventricular haemorrhages, a lower degree of atrial fibrillation may occur. Blood and plasma replenishment are needed more than once. Significant brain damage always results in mental retardation.The situation can be further complicated by other adverse effects besides birth: hypoxia (inadequate oxygenation in the circulatory system), acidification of the blood (pH values ​​less than 7.3), low blood pressure (which results in a slower circulation of the arteries and a lack of oxygenation in the organs). They are life threatening, but they can be serious. THE szemideghбrtya-elvбltozбs for example, in severe cases, the nerve endings can lead to complete dissection. Proper oxygenation will favorably influence this process. Nervous system disorders may also occur, for example involving the two limbs, or less frequently bйnulбs.They are severely disadvantaged in Articles 28-32. they were born prematurely by the week. With proper rationing and intravenous nutrition, 90 percent of these premature babies are beyond the post-natal period, and 80 are "kinky" by the age of 4. 32-35. Born between weeks is rare. From week 35, the outlook is very favorable, and despite its lower fetal weight, it is still viable. The chances of a baby born before week 28 is very low. Today, there are more and more in our country intense New Year's Eve Center You are ready to receive such trivia.More articles about twins:
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