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I am little …n… I know parents newborns 1.

I am little …n… I know parents newborns 1.

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Today in Hungary, every thirteenth pregnancy results in premature birth. Every thirteen little newborns look just like their parents imagined. Such a baby requires a little more care. What if we were thirteenth?

I am little йn…

"I'm little Jin,
I will be happy,
I will be the best man
on the round wheel. "
Szabу Lхrinc

Who are we called premature?

Here are some practical, sometimes slightly scientific, answers to the questions you ask. A smooth, normal pregnancy usually lasts for up to 40 weeks. A viable, healthy newborn needs the time it takes for two tiny cells to fuse themselves together. Early parents a 37. Pregnancy week before for some reason they can't develop in utero anymore, that's why they change in size, they come to the world with some kind of deficiency, today. 24th week of pregnancy, 500 grams birth weight, or 30 centimeters body length as early as a newborn let's look at a bunch of newbies with life events. Modern Neonatal Intensive Care Center (NIC) tools, exceptional medicine, and of course, well-trained doctors, nurses, and care there are serious chances to survive in life, in a growing number of people of full worth. Not all small weights are born prematurely. A distinction should be made between low birth weight and intrauterine low birth weight babies born in the womb. A mature, healthy baby is usually between 3 and 4 kilograms in weight, with an average of 3250 grams. Mature babies with birth weight below 2500 grams are called litters in the womb for retarded or atrophied newborns. They also often require intensive care, but generally have a higher risk of other illnesses than some of the premature infants. Babies under 1500 grams of birth weight are referred to as very low birth weight, while babies under 1000 grams are called very low birth weight. Fortunately, most babies are born early, but at 1500 to 2500 grams, their life expectancy is almost the same as that of mature, healthy newborns.

Early birth also requires greater attention

What else is a premature baby?

Testarбnyaik characteristic. For example, the more immature a premature baby is, the larger his head is in relation to his body. They appear to be thin, long and thin, with small hands and feet. Their organs are well developed, only smaller, and, due to their impertinence, they are not perfect. The skin of premature babies differs greatly from that of mature babies. The smallest skin is thin, underneath, the fat is not thick enough underneath. In addition, the color is darker pink as the veins, smaller veins look good. It's a bit sticky to the touch, more like a mucous membrane. Because of all this, they need to be better protected from water loss and cooling after birth. This is what the incubator placement used in neonatology, which is used as a treatment foundation stone in premature medicine, is due to the less severe renal function, called bilirubin. Physiological urgency often cures without adequate fluid refinement without timely treatment. tьdх йretlensége due to some degree of dyslexia is the most common problem. Oxygenation may be required in the treatment of respiratory disorders and, in severe cases, mechanical ventilation. The more serious the condition of a small premature baby, the more a machine, beak, monitor you need for intensive department treatment, which is a scary thing for anxious parents. his heart rate is increased in their normal weight counterparts, it often appears on the chest wall that the heart beats. Due to premature birth, there is a greater chance of losing blood due to increased birth, so low-birth weight babies often become pale, and skin appears to be palsy. The postnatal transformation of the circulatory system is not always smooth, however.The nutrition of premature babies is also special. 32-34. a week before the sucker reflex develops, even younger, swallowing is not unhindered. They can also have nutrition on probe and vena cava. During breastfeeding, the breast milk or special formula is delivered through a probe to the stomach.

What about the premature baby?

Unfortunately, diseases requiring chronic, long-term care and treatment are more common in this group of patients. they are more prone to bruisingsuch as internal bleeding, cerebral haemorrhage or even bone fractures. During the first few weeks of childbirth, the nervous system can suffer from depression, especially as a result of very low, low blood pressure, or lack of oxygen. The most common consequence of this is movement disorder, rarely sin. There is also some mental retardation in physical disability. The nerve cortex of the eye is also immature, so often a visual disturbance occurs. It is difficult to test, which is why in many cases it is only very slightly known as hearing loss, which is also due to impertinence and dehydration.
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