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The love train explodes again

The love train explodes again

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Lousy tummy, chronic fatigue, and increasing sleeplessness… No wonder many new mothers have their sexual lives on the floor after their tropical arrival. Fortunately, there are a few well-earned ways to restart the love train that ran for the blind.

According to sex therapists, the most important thing is not to put pressure on ourselves. For many small children, it is difficult to reconcile the role of mother and lover. The new tasks are so full of days that we do not have enough time for ourselves. This is something worth thinking about! Really incapable of finding a little free time? Even if we feel like weird things like nicely polished feet, a five-minute makeup, a new hairstyle, maybe a sexy white hair? We have come to the realization of this indulgence: we are not only mothers, but at least so much women!

Darkness hiding secrets

One of my acquaintances was disturbed by the changes in his body, so he took some sexy, yet casual, nudes that made him feel awkward again, and for a while he was only willing to get rid of his clothes with his electricity off. As there was something new about lovemaking in the darkness, a new dimension to their senses was finally discovered.

Filled with emotions

Remember, sex is more than just a matter of communicating - we can maintain intimacy with a trick, a small touch, and assure our couple that sex will return over time. Often, after childbirth, a woman does not want the kind of closeness that used to be natural. In this case the sensual massage can be enriched with long procedures. The superfluous overtime is over!
It is natural that the arrival of a new family member brings about a change in the parents' relationship, but why shouldn't this change be beneficial? The emotional excess, the post-natal follow-up, can lead to a new momentum in the routine love life. The "stolen" minutes from the baby, the pre-planned, filled-in lunatics (of grace) remind us of the first dating mood.

The love train explodes again

A quick run?

Anna, the mom of two-year-old Marci, shared with us an enviable experience: "Since our baby boy was born, our love life has become better than ever. Actually, we're not very often at the moment either, but what we value is much more intense. Neither does my husband see the mother in me. "

Leave the puppy?

On average, most couples need a year to return to old age, which is mainly due to the high level of physical activity involved in supporting the baby. It should also be borne in mind that until the menstrual cycle returns, the female genitals function somewhat. They are more sensitive, they are more responsive to stimuli, but penetration can be painful for hormonal reasons. More patient protagonists help most of this, if you don't, you won't have to be deterred from using skinned gel. However, it was not a concern that this should not replace weakness. In addition, couples generally adhere to their well-established sexual habits, rather than discovering new forms of intimacy - ones that fit better into their new life forms. Letting go of the old routine is easier if you are prepared for your mind as early as possible - as early as possible in the family planning phase!
In sleep, sex should be forbidden - it is better to drop our eyes when we close our eyes, because real, good quality can hardly be expected.
It is necessary that we better divide our time and plan our programs beforehand - including intimate fellowship. According to the expert, most couples do not recognize the importance of intimate leisure time. But the flame goes out easily if you don't feed the fire.
Maintain an interest in each other, and remain open to the pursuits of another life. If there is no connection between the two outside the bedroom, nothing extraordinary can be expected in the room. However, if we are in need of each other's needs, it is easier to solve the problems. Obviously, we cannot expect to continue our sexual life where we left off before pregnancy. There's definitely less time for sex than ever before - but remember: not quantity, but quality!

What's the night for?

"The secret to good sex after childbirth is to get the best out of every minute available to us!", Says Kata, who is a mother of two with children. " bad name to buy! "

The evening starts with a talk

"It is our rule to go to bed once a week just to talk a little bit - says Andrea, the mother of two little girls."
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