Little baby of the month: Lнvia

Little baby of the month: Lнvia

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Lvia Casserole for postnatal birth. And the family is eagerly awaiting the arrival of little Lilla.

- After the little Panni was the brother planning?
- We were both waiting, planned babбk. Lilla (we know she is a little girl) got pregnant right away, so we did the test together. Second baby kittens are as smooth and trouble-free as the first.
- Anything outside?
- So good now that we are waiting together! you have already a family looking forward to the bit, going everywhere, I'm much calmer. Then, we were very excited about every exam. We wanted a baby for the first time, and we're really crazy about it again. The gen my secret secretthat a little boy will come for the third time, but for the time being we do not understand one thing. And Zoli is perfect in a woman's environment, and she has a haircut all day long.
- What made you excited?
- Both Pannin and Lillan are the same: AFPs. Unfortunately, the result was very bad, so Pannin had to do amniotic fluid sampling, but Lillan was more like a face marker, szыrхvizsgбlatot we went to the Gods Mountain Clinic and we were very reassured by the result.
- What kind of baby are you planning?
- The first baby, our Panni girl csбszбrral szьletett. I really want to congratulate the parent so now I am doing my best to become a VBAC.
- Say?
- This is an English abbreviation, spread over the last couple of years: after a vaginal birth cup it is translated. I talked a lot about the group I was going to and, according to my doctor, there is no obstacle.