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There are homeopathic remedies that cure the pain of labor and labor and guide the birth of the newborn. Let's see what they are and exactly what they are!

Gentle baby

Homeopathy helps mom

Szбmos szьlйs demonstrated that alkalmazбsбval homeopбtiбs agents mйhцsszehъzуdбsok hatбsossбga fokozуdik, йs the kьlцnbцzх tнpusъ fбjбsgyengesйgek megszыnnek the fбjбsok rendszeressй vбlnak, slowed szьlйs ismйt jу ьtemben passes, until the rigid mйhszбj loosens the йs homeopбtiбs segнtsйg hatбsбra it will be light. The number of haemorrhagic follicular bleeding is significantly reduced.It is less common to have postpartum uterine insufficiency. Pain in the stomach and abdominal wall they feel more bearable.Why behavioral qualities of the butter, such as aggressiveness, lack of co-operation, and prevalent fears, are favorably altered. became easily influential with homeopathic remedies. Faster regeneration, babies they wake up sooner, you have more power to support your newborns. The hospital's nursing hours are short.Homeopathic remedies available for use in pregnancy and childbirth
ACONITUMIt is probably the most frequently prescribed homeopathic remedy for both the mother and the newborn in the whole birth. It is a treatment for the fears of childbirth, birth, and sudden, unexpected, shocking effects. His high credibility helps prevent the consequences of these possible shocks. It promotes rapid dissolution of neonatal obesity, rapid formation of the fetus and suckling reflex.
ARNICAIt is a homeopathic remedy for the treatment of both physical and mental symptoms of obesity and obesity. It can be effectively applied for the indefinite absorption of blood. It has analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects. In high faith it is advisable to give, especially if the expectant mother is exhausted, tired, depressed, and at the same time, she wants to look strong and refuses to support herself.
BELLIS PERENNISMedium or high temperature in the pelvis Arnica Yakin is also mentioned in homeopathic literature. Especially recommended for difficult pregnancies, fatal cases of abdominal distension, application of vacuum, and possible tail fractures or fractures.
CAULOPHYLLUMMedium and high temperature homeopathic oxytocin may help to reduce the number of tired, short-term and ineffective congestion. It can also be successfully applied in the postgraduate period in case of stoppage of cuttlefish.
CimicifugaIts medium and high tempera- ture affects the painful, stiff, thigh-beaming pain caused by increased muscular tone and rigid, uninhibited mucosa.
GelsemiumIts high credibility can be used in cases of stagnant birth due to inadequate lumbar ossification due to inadequate compression of the mucous membrane. The general weakness of the muscles appears, which is particularly pronounced on the eyelids and manifests itself. The anxiety of the mother regarding the course of the birth may be expressed.
STAPHYSAGRIAHigh hнgнtбsa hъgycsх katйterezйse or egyйb sйrьlйse esetйn alkalmazhatу, fбjdalomcsillapнtу hatбsъ, straight vonalъ, йles szйlы cut wounds gyуgyulбsбt segнti elх, йs megelхzi the bйlfal izomzatбnak tуnuscsцkkenйsйbхl adуdу szйkrekedйst, йs due to hуlyagfal atуniбja any urinary elakadбst kialakulу.

Homeopathic remedies for infancy
CHINA RUBRAHomeopathic remedies for fluid loss, bleeding, milk secretion, sweating, low blood pressure, and homeopathic remedies for moderate heat.
siliceaIt relieves back pain caused by fatigue during breastfeeding at moderate to high temperatures.
APIS MELLIFICAIf during the first days or weeks of breastfeeding, the skin of the breast is flushed, the glandular cavity and stinging pain improves with cold, we may suggest moderate relief for the symptoms.
ATROPA BELLADONNAMedium to high temperatures measure the painful swelling of the pulmonary mother in the feverish infant.
BRYONIA ALBAMedium lithography may be recommended if the pain in the breasts is increased to the slightest touch, but at the same time it may appear to be light on large areas, such as tight bra.
RICINUS COMMUNISIts low temperature enhances milk production in the mammary gland.
Assisted in Homeopathy during the process of labor and birth not according to schema, she routinely recommends good homeopathic remedies, but is personalized according to the mom's physical symptoms, emotional and emotional manifestations. It would be fortunate if you were early in pregnancy or had time to get ready for conception in constitutional treatment the couples would be involved. Thus, combination therapy and homeopathic remedies that are useful in the acute setting should work together for the benefit of babies and moms.Dr. Polish Boglárka
homeopathic infant and pediatric crib
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