Fry it, fry it, or fry it?

Fry it, fry it, or fry it?

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Is Sunday lunch without the classic fried meat? How do we choose the fat we are in? There's plenty of chilly fats, oils, but what's on our minds before the shelves and at home in the kitchen?

Fry it, fry it, or fry it?

Not all oils are suitable for the so-called heat treatment, that is, to cook food in it. Pay attention to the composition as well as the information on the label to get accurate guidance on the recommended use. If we adhere to it, we will celebrate it, and our health will suffer!

But in oil ?!

Many people make the mistake of dieting, or just eating healthy, to think of only grilled or fried steaks. That is, the smell of flour or breadcrumbs, made with the addition of eggs, is cooked in plenty of oil and is considered to be a bit of a crime in the diet. However, we believe that the process of roasting the raw material in the oil before cooking, roasting in plenty of oil is sometimes allowed in healthy eating.
Wholegrain oils will certainly be richer in energy, but they help the body with essential unsaturated fatty acids and essential fatty acids that the raw material itself did not contain.
It is important to know that as fats and oils slow down the rate of absorption during digestion, they also have a beneficial effect on the metabolism of glucose, . Tehбt let's bake it and cook our lives in oil!
If you also want to reduce the amount of calories you intake, you need only a minimal amount of high-carbohydrate dressing - rice, potatoes, etc. in addition to the Sunday grilled meat. - we are, because there is a pan: flour and bread crumbs also contain color hydrate. We have fresh lettuce, steamed, roasted, or cooked green veggies beside us.
One of the essential ingredients for cooking is cooking oil, however what aspects we decide onwhich one do we use? Oil is generally known to have a beneficial effect, as they, together with fats, play a vital role in our diet. Mostly cold pressed vegetable used for salads however, oils containing unsaturated fatty acids not suitable for firingbecause chemical changes in the chemical composition are reversed to the effects of heat, they change unfavorably for health.
Cold-pressed mono-unsaturated vegetable oils, such as olive oil, rapeseed oil and di-oil for health the advantage of reheating will be lost.
It is probably well-known to many that excessive intake of saturated fatty acids is not recommended, while monounsaturated fatty acids are essential and essential for the human body.
Unsaturated fatty acids are primarily found in oils from vegetable sources, so it is recommended that they be added instead of animal fats. We use refined oils pressed from sunflower, rape, or so on. An important aspect of the choice is to choose a composition of refined vegetable oil that can be heated for a long time, since such oils are good for heat.
The mono- telнtetlen, йs the tцbbszцrцsen telнtetlen nцvйnyi oils are very elхnyцs hatбssal the egйszsйgi бllapotunkra, ezйrt introduced singly today egйszsйgьgyi ajбnlбsok 20-25% of ingested daily цsszes energiamennyisйg -бt ajбnljбk йs tцbbszцrцsen telнtetlen nцvйnyi zsнrsavakbуl, the maximum mikцzben бllati telнtett zsнrbevitel 10 % may.
Compared to animal-based saturated fats, vegetable-based unsaturated fatty acids can lower cholesterol levels, thereby contributing to the prevention of calcification and maintaining the elasticity of the wall.
Most vegetable oils, some in large amounts, also contain so-called essential fatty acids, ie omega-3 and -6 fatty acids. The main sources of omega-6 fatty acids are vegetable oils, their positive effect on the health of the cell membrane as well as lowering cholesterol levels.
Omega-3 essential fatty acids can be consumed alongside dietary oils, such as sea fish, bus or domestic fish, or oilseeds, di, peanuts and their oils.

Which is what?

Napraforgуolaj (rich in unsaturated fatty acids and omega 6 fatty acids, which are very useful for the human body): all-purpose oil, for salads, cooking, including oil firing variants. The potential for reuse depends on the food being cooked, the cooking time and the temperature.
Sunflower and rapeseed oil blenders (mono-unsaturated / multi-unsaturated, rich in omega3 / omega6 fatty acids): It can be used for cooking in many ways, it can also be used for cooking at high temperatures, mayonnaise and salads.
Cold pressed oils (extra virgin olive, extra virgin rapeseed / simply unsaturated): salad dressings, dressings, for sudden roasting.
Diу / Szezбm / Mogyorуolaj (Multiple or Single Fill): Salad dressings, dripping, food spraying.
Pбlma (filled): commercial, bakery utilization
Kуkusz (filled): mainly commercial use, cooking

Everything has its place

Today, there are exceptionally high quality sunflower and rapeseed oil products on the shelves of grocery stores, which have a high content of monounsaturated and high unsaturated fatty acids of 6 and more.
These oils can also be used for cooking at high temperatures, for making mayonnaise and for making salad dressings. They thus help maintain blood cholesterol levels.
If we are a cowboy, we should pay attention to that primarily refined, rich in unsaturated fatty acids, long-heating do it with oil! We use cold pressed oils, especially cold pressed di, rapeseed, and olive oil for making salad dressings!
szakйrtх: Heder Йva, dietitian
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