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Where is the G-spot?

Where is the G-spot?

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Do you find it at all? The anatomy has not yet been confirmed.

Among sexuality practitioners, one of the most common questions about G-spot topics is. Do you find it at all? And if so, where can I be located exactly? The thesis has been recently reviewed by Jane Chalmers, the Western Sydney Rehabilitation Lecturer. an area that often excites both clitoral and vaginal orgasm excitement.
Grafenberg in fact, it is not really a single spot, but rather a 1-1.5 cm diameter area (located on the front wall of the vagina). Despite the fact that his publication has not been anatomically determined since then, medical cosmetologists have identified the G-spot on the upper abdominal side of the vagina approximately 2 to 5 cm.
This tiny area is a spoonful of peas and beans that swell with sexual excitement. The simplest way to find it is by lying down and inserting one or two fingers into your vagina. At first, touching the G-spot may have given you the urge to urinate, but in a matter of seconds it turns into a profitable sensational sensation.
Orgasm caused by G-spot stimulation is quite different from clitoral, because even though the clitoris usually ends in the vagina, the G-spot orgasm is pushed downward by the cervix. In addition, orgasms that cause orgasm can help the sperm reach, and thus help to conceive.
Studies show that stimulation of the G-spot does not produce a similar effect in all, and there are people who have a very uncomfortable feeling of arousal, regardless of how long they are stimulated to stimulate it. However, this does not mean that somebody does not function sexually, in Chalmers's opinion, as noble as human beings, we all differ a little from each other. Because we can't find us, we're not abnormal or weird at all.
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