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Carnival ladybirds and crusaders

Carnival ladybirds and crusaders

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Let's make up our minds right now: if you ask a little kindergarten what you want to be in the costume box, you're almost sure to pick your favorite fairy tale cartoon character.

Costumes, carnival

If we can't divert your interest to a simpler costume of our heart, we're in trouble. But after the first fright, we realize that Any costume can be made with a little touch, it is superfluous to strive for a life-like idea until birth. We also help make it easy to make a penny from the stock you can find at home. And don't hesitate to buy one of the helmets, masks and accessories from the decorative shops and paper stores!


The black dots glued to the red cap resemble the little one, the ladybug. The patches are made of black cardboard or felt, the drops are made of chenille drum and a small styrofoam ball!

Mickey mouse

It's just like Walt Disney's cute cartoon animation comes to life! In addition to the darker tone of the tongue, the distinctive, heart-shaped slap and the ruling ears unmistakably bring Mickey Mouse into our minds. Let's change the headgear into two pieces. We cut the back and the first part out of a black felt, based on the size of a cat cap, and then rounded the ears to two. Insert the two halves by sewing the two halves together and sew them together.

Pn Peter and Giling Galang

You can easily make two cute fairy tale costumes. The gown will need a pantyhose and a sneaker, sewn in an organic or over-waisted, elasticated skirt and trimmed at the bottom. At Peter's level you can go in pantyhose, embroidered with felted slippers and a hat. The hat is cut out to form a shape, cut along its radius, and stitched to shape.

Erik, the Viking

The Viking is back, real, alive! Except for the viking helmet you get, we make all the stuff ourselves. Moreover, every generation of the family can take part in the preparation. Let's cut a circle out of a thick cardboard box, draw the main lines, and paint the shield on the little Viking. Granny will definitely be happy to tie the bra, and we can go for the leather shoes. It is easier to make it out of leather, felt and felt. This is not so difficult to assemble with a quilted needle.


Crusader, pseudo-warrior, Richards Lion? Medieval heroes seem to be popular with little ones even during planetary battles. On the back of the cardboard cut-out shield, we put on a wide line of rubber straps that fit the thickness of the little kid. Glue on the wooden sword with aluminum foil, peeling made of silver, glossy synthetic material.


Dressing up a little Pumukli is really no problem, we just need to find the right color pants and pullover. Maybe your hairstyle doesn't have a lot of styling, because there's always a bit of gizziness in your hair? If the role of the goblin fits into the small lurking line, it will surely be a great success!

Costume at home and in the wardrobe

We should only arrange this if the carnival, going into the costume with the bigger brothers and sisters, is a familiar concept for the little one and therefore desires it. For a toddler, the best costume to wear out of your wardrobe is a green trouser or stocking attached to a green pullover, and the accessories look like it will become a dinosaur, crocodile, or game. Don't choose the costume you hear for the first time. Every little kid has a nickname at home: teddy bear, bunny, kitty. If you put brown pants on the brown pullover, you will be a bear bear. This is how we can tell the little ones how fun it is to change something for a while to get somebody else's skin. Going into the costume we can imitate how the bear goes, what sound it makes, and how good it is. If your toddler has liked a fairy tale already, you can play with it and wear one of the characters' clothes. But there is no need for a costume box: when we tell a story, we present the story. We say the bad role ourselves, and when the positive hero speaks, let the little child say the text - of course we can help him. Some of these fairy-tale characters will be happy to have a rooster, Little Red Riding Hood, smart pig or goat. If you are sewing a costume specifically for a carnival occasion, make sure you do not obstruct the movement. Trousers, pullovers, dressing and tights for little ones are practical. It is advisable to sew clothing that you may wear at times, even for festive clothing, even when pajamas are suspected.

Hats for the carnival!

We might have our little girl the most beautiful royal lady on the ovis carnival, but the lacy long dress would probably stumble upon the toys, so she would be out of it soon, or be upset all day. Try to find a comfortable, day-wear costume for your child or just refer to what you put on your skin with just a few tokens. A slight figure can be found in the distinctive kalaprul. The mushroom hat can be made of felt, styrofoam, bicycle helmet. Paint it on the right color or put a large cap on it. Polka dots can be made of felt or felt. Let's cut out small cards from the felt and stick them on the mushroom hat. Let's filter the thin wire through the beads and drape them in a styrofoam box. Let's put the hinged parts together. The stitching along the stitching is done with cotton swabs, with a beak on the right and the left. The turmeric hat consists of a circular felt piece and a long, rectangular piece. The long side of the batten is sewn to the edge of the card, so that we always close one end of the cord, and then sew it together. We put small rings, balls, holey fingers on the string.

Baba-mama carnival

Invite Your Famous Moms to a Merry Duel! If you always have a different role to play, you may want to wear even more fat. We enchant them with the following sentences: "My sculptures, statuettes, change, change ..." and invent an animal with characteristic features. The children stiffen the beast, and waiting for them to turn on each other with a "push of a button" can revive the barking dog, the full-bodied wolf, the pompous cat. The best one says the saying and chooses the next animal.- We do a nice pattern, but some scrap socks with a foam pad, a cloth, then put on the lace. Small balls can make it to the goal, but it's much more fun with socks. We can love each other bravely, neither head nor cold. Those who love to sizzle on the ball also love it. It is time for us to reassure them after they've gone live. Lie down on the carpet, let's do it like applying them with marmalade, drizzle, and roll them back and forth like rolling pancakes.
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