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Coming in January will be free against varicella 15 and 18 months old and will be given in two installments

Coming in January will be free against varicella 15 and 18 months old and will be given in two installments

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Lazzar János announced at the Government Infin, that from January 1, 2019, he will include among the age-related, free vaccinations against varicella.

The National Immunization Program includes vaccines against varicella for age-related vaccinations. Vaccination against varicella should be given in two installments at the ages of 15 and 18 months. Dr. Holchacker Peter, according to the director of the Innovative Medicines Association (AIPM), this reduction contributes to reducing the incidence and severity of infectious diseases associated with occasional serious events and hospitalization.Kids get free vaccination against chickenpox from 2019The most common cause of chickenpox is bacterial skin overgrowth and scarring, but it can happen lung, cerebral or meningitis too. The director of AIPM said that raising vaccines against varicella would not only provide protection for vaccinated children, but also individuals and family members who may not be of age or basic illness. Elhanyagolhatу not tovбbbб the dцntйs nemzetgazdasбgi hatбsa not, as a result of fewer megbetegedйs csцkken szьlхk tбppйnzes days szбma, йs csцkkennek the kуrhбzi kiadбsok.Magyarorszбgon kцtцtt the йletkorhoz vйdхoltбsok system pйldaйrtйkы: vilбgviszonylatban kiemelkedхen too high csecsemхk йs бtoltottsбga young children (ie, a particular nйpessйgnek protection against infection). Vaccinations are important because they prevent not only acute illness but also chronic infections that occur after infectious disease can be controlled. Vaccines can be used to find an infectious disease (black pox) that has been completely eradicated from the planet, but regional eradication of child sin, and dementia, tetanus and other causes.
The vaccines are manufactured
Developing and maintaining vaccines is both a high value added, high-tech process. The average production time of a vaccine is 18-24 months, which may require up to 500 production processes, 600 quality tests and 400 components.