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Health, Complete with HomeopathyWe are visiting Ambassador of Homeopathy, Michéle Boiron

Health, Complete with HomeopathyWe are visiting Ambassador of Homeopathy, Michéle Boiron

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The reason for this visit was that the fifteenth anniversary of its Hungarian presence was celebrated by a French company, the market leader in Hungary, in the manufacture and distribution of homeopathic medicines.

Today, more than 400,000,000 people are healing with homeopathic medicine in the world. It is widespread in the USA, Latin America, Russia and throughout Europe. However, the great power of world homeopathy is India, where about 100,000 homeopaths practice and the method is taught at 120 universities. A member of the Boiron family also talked about the potential applications of mild healing, and further informed that there is a growing worldwide demand for this type of medicine. At the same time, he emphasized that homeopathic remedies are manufactured to high quality standards.

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In France, Jean and Henri Boiron, a twin couple based on Boiron, have been instrumental in this. Research and commitment to quality are due to the inclusion of homeopathic remedies in the official French Pharmacopoeia. A pharmaceutical company has been established, which today employs 4,000 people in 18 countries. In France, homeopathy is a supplementary medicine, 62% of the population regularly uses homeopathic remedies. Homeopathy treatment is an integrated part of hospital care.

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The company remains family-owned until now. According to a member of the owner's sister-in-law, this ensures that they have access to sufficient resources for research and exams that justify homeopathy as a complementary medicine. There are currently more than 80 research projects underway. Michéle Boiron worked as a practicing pharmacist for 40 years. In English, she has just published a book summarizing her experiences on "Common Homeopathy Suggestions for Common Problems," which helps both pharmacists and lay people to successfully use all the homeopathic remedies available. Adapted so far to 12 countries, Michelle Boiron offers author income to organizations that support children in all countries. The charity was rewarded by the French State for honoring its honor.