Don't take the baby below 5 degrees

Don't take the baby below 5 degrees

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You have to air, but in the cold we should be careful about the children, especially the little ones. There are cold times when it is not recommended to take the baby out for a short walk.

Don't take the baby below 5 degreesThe smaller the child, the more caution should be exercised with regard to breathing and walking. THE baby dolls are underdeveloped, they are just lying in the stroller, they are not moving, they are not active, so it is very good to think about whether or not to take them out into the air. Carrying dolls are not active either, but the house is warming each other simulately, their faces, arms, feet are free and their regulation is less developed. As a general rule, -5 degrees Celsius: under this is not worth the risk, we should stay at home, let's not move. Zero Degree Another Limit: Then you can go out for a while, but don't leave more than 1 hour in the open air. In cold weather, if you decide to stay at home it is good for cold weather, although it is not caused by cold, in any case, if you are a little hungry, coughing and not cold, you do not have to stay at home. Naturally, babies who are just born need more caution: the newborn baby need not be accustomed to the outside air now, and their home needs to be safer. Let's wait for warmer weather, we can wait up to 2-3 months eg. in the case of a baby born in December.We always pay attention to the costume layered migration, keep in mind that if a baby is tiny, he is generally inactive, not moving. Feel free to put on one layer more clothes than we wear. Doing a good job of a good insulator, heat-proof overalls, coats, warm blankets can be on the baby's bottom and underneath. The little ones who can walk are a little bit lighter, but they are also good for layered suits, a waterproof, heat-covered overalls or a raincoat (cantilever to protect the waist). Waterproof boots, boots, hiking are also required. Let's not forget about the head, hands and neck: the ears must be protected with a warm cap, the structure is very tight here, and it is unpleasant to cool down. Make sure everything is watered and your child can move around well.Related articles on Baby Aeration:
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