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School additions themselves

School additions themselves

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You can tick off some of the school offerings in the shops by creating a fun collection for kids with their own patterns and figures. They can also help simpler to show off their "masterpieces" in school.

The poin is on the end

Let's put a hole for the pencil in the papillae of the little heads. The face is painted and contoured on the basis of photos, but children can also try out their own ideas. The bird's head should be filtered and glued with a small feather bit, and the beetle will have a drunken bit.

For the elemental race

Practical for packing snacks in plastic boxes. We draw on the tops what we have in them, but we draw the coloring to the children. We make more varieties to make the sandwich, the fruit and the delicacy.
Creator: Zsuzsanna Borogdai, text: Vera Szabeni Gбl, photo: Márton Csnkszentmihbly

The Practice Magazine is current

- Starting school ideas
- Backpack for trips
- Thousands of buttons again useful
- Painted miniature board
- We print everything!