How long should a child read a story? Vekerdy ​​answers

How long should a child read a story? Vekerdy ​​answers

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"Is it possible for a child not to read books himself because his mother reads him too much? Perhaps my best intent is to make a mistake?" a mother raises.

How long should a child read a story? Vekerdy ​​answers

I was with my mother the other day, and like this one has happened in the past, it has brought several, affecting my children, and has noticed me. One of them is my baby girl, who will be nine in August, 2nd grade, and I always read "her stories" instead. She thinks she doesn't read alone, so she doesn't like to read alone. he hands it, flips it, reads it, but that's all. He likes to go to the library, go through the lines, remove books from the shelf, end pages, and finally he selects all the books he gets home every day. I can do it, I read to her. There is, when she asks, when I get her to come, let's read. I enjoy it very much (I think she too), talk, listen to her. Six weeks a year there were pictures, drawings and short stories. Today it is irrelevant. If he likes a fairy tale, a story, he reads it to me again and again. He had the same book for weeks. " we read "(from a little girl who is getting acquainted with the genres in an old-fashioned library). Although a bit flabbergasted, I always try to read with ease and emphasis. I think this is also due to the fact that we were selected from the class each year at the school to the school sermon competition. I must say again that, unlike his staff, who spoke three, so cleanly, clearly, eloquently, was difficult to understand - even to me - until the age of five. By the age of six, she couldn't speak the "r" sound, but with the help of a kind speech therapist, she had spoken quite clearly by the time she started school. She still speaks relatively little to words. The study of "reading" went (slower) than the average for him, going to this day, for example, the second member pronounces his consonant in the first member, and he also has a loss (as well). So-called cross-domination can be observed: right-handed but left-eyed ...) Nevertheless, I can say that he has improved a lot in reading today, he prefers to read at home at school. to read the book handily, but is it because I read to him and he is not compelled to read it alone? for her, drawing a drawing and drawing for the story. For me, reading this together is a bit like breastfeeding It was such an intimate relationship between us, and I only sucked for six months, and at the age of six I felt like it was just enough and "finished". However, I still don't feel like reading it is time to stop. Tйvednйk? I look forward to your choice! "

Tamás Vekerdy's answer: Let's read to him for as long as he wants!

No, you're not. Yes, that's exactly how you feel and do it on the basis of your senses. Your girl will not love reading if she is "persuaded" to read, but if she is allowed time to slowly develop her skills. And: Why would you read flippantly, have you enjoyed being a second-grader? A frightening, unprofessional thought (even a "claim")! Norwegian and Swedish children read far worse than Czech and Hungarian children at the age of four, but at the age of fifteen, they are much better at reading. you can't hurry! And these enlightened readings are not only the best ways to educate a reader, but also provide great opportunities for emotional enhancement, emotional security, and overall opportunity. We just want to talk to everyone to follow this path, up to a child up to twelve years old - and follow this path! And yes, many times you read the same thing again and again, as you wish. However, all of these are "self-evolving" for the kid, now you can not only listen to short stories, choose a lecture competition from the class, read more at home reading ... .I want to recommend to everyone - especially now that summer is here, we feel better, and hope that the number of urns filled together - will follow your own method; parents read to the kids! In the evening, by all means (even if the child is reading alone, but still likes reading in the evening), but also in the sun, many times, in the big canyon, or when it rains during the shower We Need to Know: Reading - Novel and Poetry Reading - gyуgyнt! (I could say drama, of course, but its time to come is shorter; in a nutshell: art is healing!) (and unfortunately, many times over). Source of the article Tamás Vekerdy: The Old Quiz, The Psychologist Answers 2. c. kцnyve.
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