Are you really twins?

Are you really twins?

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You may have a motto in your head from the beginning that you will have twins. You can trust the female perception, but there are other signs!


You are more likely to be twins if you are thirty when you are already, if there are twins already in the family, if you have ovarian treatment, and finally: if you belong to the Yoruba or Hausa family, they are 5 times larger. and hormone levels of hormone HCG increase significantly and most of them already have increased breast tension in the early stages, with "morning sickness", flatulence, and nausea. Fetal movement can be detected earlier than with some pregnancies. Over time, it seems as if there is something everywhere: a penny, a foot, a head. The earlier the litter grows, the sooner the tummy will fill, and you will be more roomy laterally. Of course, the excess of the above signs can only be interpreted for those who have been pregnant already, so they can relate to what you can do. The most accurate diagnosis can be made by your doctor. Even in the early period, the first ultrasound examination can confirm that more ovaries are visible. Multiple conceptions can occur between the fifth and eight weeks, but there is a good chance that one of the embryos will be born. Until ultrasound diagnostics were so sensitive, we did not know how common this phenomenon was. After the tenth week, however, things are clear. Ultrasound examination will be of great help to you as well, since it is possible to accurately follow the individual development of the two babies, the adhesion of the butterfly (s), that you will need to have your baby checked every two weeks. The results can be determined at birth and at the time of birth. But this will be the closest.

Baby doll - big tummy

Mostly, it's a matter of asking when your tummy starts to grow, but according to experienced twins, you can count on your pants to be "pulled" much faster than the average. Some have been reluctant to refresh their wardrobe by the eighth to tenth week. If you still do not want to make a baby, you do not have to buy a baby pant. A good solution is to use a maternity belt that just needs to be put on the zipper pants, skirt. It's like your knickers are pulling out of your pool.They may also be interested in: