5 signs that your child is smarter than the average

5 signs that your child is smarter than the average

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Maybe you're raising a real little genius? Here are 5 signs that your child is actually smarter than the average.

Koran learned to read? It may be smarter than the average

1. Koran learned to read

Children with severe reading abilities prematurely outperform the average in their age of 7 years, in communication, and communication. This was confirmed by researchers from Edinburgh University and King's College London in 2014, which analyzed the data of about 2,000 identical twin pairs. Stuart J. Ritchie, head of research at What's the Lesson? Let's Get More Books in the Kid's Hand!

2. Her mom is smart

Excuse me, dear dad, I'm over it! The currency is great, so that we can borrow our brains from our mother. There is a couple of researches that supported it. First, in 2016, Ulm University in Germany found that genes that can be linked to cognitive abilities are found on the X chromosome - which is twice as likely to be from the mother as the mother.
And in 1994, a study by the British Health Science Council of 12,000 children found that the best way to determine a child's intelligence was from a mother's IQ. The results showed that there was only a difference of 15 points between the participating children and their mother's IQ.

3. There is always a cup in your room

Well, of course, almost every child is left with an uproar, but now let's think about whether or not your child is typically able to play long and focused, with a lot of disorder around him. If our answer is yes, there is a high probability that you have above average intelligence. According to a 2013 study by the University of Minnesota, people who are able to work in disordered environments are more creative and have more innovative ideas than those who can't be told. Let me quote one of the greatest skulls in history, Albert Einstein: "If the cluttered table is cluttered, then what is a blank table?"

4. Big head

Get on with the tape! There's probably a truth to someone's big head because there's a lot of it in him. Children born with a higher average head volume (34-35 cm) are more likely to graduate and achieve better results in the spatial-numerical range, a study by Mol reported. The researchers used data from 100,000 British citizens from UK Biobank.

5. You spend a lot of time with your dad

There is also scientific evidence that dads do better to turn off their father and spend more quality time with their children. According to a study from Newcastle University, the children with whom their father spent most of their time in their infancy will be more intelligent, smart adults. Moreover, the more energy a father invests in his time with his children, the higher his IQ will be. (Source of article)Related articles in Intelligence:
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