The best sex pants for pregnancy

The best sex pants for pregnancy

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You may want to have less sex during your pregnancy, but when you talk about yourself, you will find that it is better now than ever!

Have sex during pregnancy, maybe even better…

In the mother's body, increased blood volume during pregnancy causes appetite and makes her intimate parts hypersensitive. If you relax, you will feel that every touch of your body is now much more pleasant and your orgasm will be more enjoyable! As long as you have no problems (such as bleeding, open lung, threatening abortion, stings), you can enjoy the following positions, for example!

Recommended poses for baby in bed

1. Lie on your side, your partner is positioned, so you can feel close together with your whole body.
2. Decide on your partner, and settle in on horseback riding. That's how you define the depth of penetration.
3. Come on, bend your knees, and put your feet on the bed. Your partner may be on the ground facing you, so you will certainly not have the biggest tummy.
4. Your partner should sit in a comfortable armchairAnd you sit comfortably in the back with him.Also read these:
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