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Transplantation of oviducts

Transplantation of oviducts

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Can I have a kid? Many people ask this request. The answer is not a simple yes or no, as the examination can take six to eight weeks. One of the first steps is to check the permeability of the fallopian tubes.

Transplantation of oviducts

For a well-founded answer vйrvйtelek, ultrahangvizsgбlatok, konzultбciуk a row is needed. Perhaps the most important aspect of clarifying the situation is organs of the pelvisis over. If the bee is healthy, the oviducts are able to pass, and the ova and sperm found in the war can be found, then there is a high degree of certainty in the process.
The oviducts provide a link between the uterus and the abdomen, because the ovum released from the cracked follicle can reach the uterus naturally through this pathway.
If the petevezetхk one or both It is stuck together, or an old jelly due to previous inflammations, infections, obstruct free the road. Unfortunately, it may full penetrationor so severe that it doesn't help either. In this case, artificial fertilizationsel, lombikbйbi-kezelйspregnancy can be created.

Test for ovarian tuberculosis

The procedures that help develop a blessed state are based on deciding whether it is worthwhile to differentiate our patient hormonal treatmentsso one of the first steps is to clear the permeability of the fallopian tubes. We have three methods for this.
Among the interventions a HSG (hysterosalpingography) is the most widespread, but most often requires hospitalization due to X-rays. During the examination, no anesthesia or local anesthesia is performed, although occasionally unpleasant symptoms may occur. This intervention is being considered by the OEP. THE HYCOSY (hystero-contrast sonography) is the most comfortable and shortest intervention possible. Ultrasound equipment and appropriate contrast media are required, which makes the procedure visible to both the mumps and the fallopian tubes. However, special contrast media are often difficult to access, expensive, and are therefore possible in private institutions. However, laparoscopic chromopertubation is not recommended, but rather a complete diagnostic procedure was performed with tissue-friendly methylene dye.

What are these procedures for?

When we "wash" the fallopian tubes with the appropriate contrast medium, we get a picture of the structure of the mumps and of the fallopian tubes. And the benefit of the clarity test among others may be that the lighter degree loosens adhesions, and the inflammatory membrane is washed out of the fallopian tubes.
Which one do I choose?

Dr. Győrgy Szхnyi
G1 Institute

The most important question to ask is HSG and HYCOSY. Based on diagnostic considerations a HYCOSY vizsgбlat eredmйnye mindenkйppen megnyugtatуbb, because in the x-ray procedure, some changes in the litter, such as a fibroid polyps or mole, may not be noticeable. The HYCOSY procedure does not imply radiation exposure it takes shorter timeand you don't have to invest in the town hall. Kivitelezйse kнmйletesbecause there is no need to put a metal mask in the dumbbell. Thus, in spite of the higher cost of the test, this method is best recommended for clarifying the oviduct.
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