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Healthy energy gives smoothies to pregnant women

Healthy energy gives smoothies to pregnant women

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Whether you are having a bad morning sickness or a cold werewolf, smoothies can be a real savior during baby screening.

Choose a delicious smoothie during pregnancy

They are full of fruits, herbs, and are full of fiber, vitamins, and minerals - the next super smoothies for breakfast, lunch, and even healthy wholesome suspicions.

Pineapple-basil smoothie

- 1 cup of couscous
- 1 banana
- 1 1/2 chopped frozen pineapple slices
- 2 basil leaves
- 1/8 tbsp pearled, grated ring (optional)Here's how: Pour the couscous into the blender and add some more. Blend for about half a minute, but your smoothie won't be pretty smooth.
1 serving = 149 calories

Habingeringer: Mega zöld smoothie

- 1 ј slice of couscous
- 1/2 chop the bispen
- 1/2 ripe avocado cut into pieces
- 3/4 slices of cucumber, sliced
- 1 slice of frozen grape
- ј tk knotted, grated ring (optional)
- For making Agave syrupHere's how: Pour the couscous into the blender and add some more. Mix for approx. half a minute, then taste it, and if you like it, add some agave syrup to make it sweeter.
1 serving = 163 calories

Vitamin C Bomb: Orange-strawberry-blue smoothie

- Half a cup of couscous
- 1/2 of orange
- 1 slice of strawberry, sliced
- 1 banana
- 1 slice of frozen blueberry Here's how: Everything can go into the robot machine / smoothie, but start with the couscous and the orange juice. Cover it and turn on the machine for half a minute.
1 serving = 156 calories

Instead of pancakes: Бfonyбs smoothie

- 1 slice of low fat milk
- 2/3 chop low-fat Greek yogurt
- 1 ј slice of frozen blueberry
- 1/2 tsp vanilla extract
- 1/8 tsp browned fahay
- 2 tbsp maple syrupHere's how: Put the milk, then the other one into the blender. You won't get a smoothie for half a minute or until you get a smoothie. Egйszsйgedre!
1 serving = 294 caloriesForrбs: Jenna Helwig Smoothie-licious c. kцnyveThey may also be interested in:
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